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MH17 crash: tragedy of Malaysian family 19 июля 2014, 00:44

A family of 6 Malaysians coming from Kazakhstan died in the MH17 flight crush.
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Grandmother Jamillah Noriah Abd Anuar shows photos of her family that perished in the MH17 crush. Photo © Zulazhar Sheblee/The Star Grandmother Jamillah Noriah Abd Anuar shows photos of her family that perished in the MH17 crush. Photo © Zulazhar Sheblee/The Star

According to the latest information, 298 people died in the MH17 flight of the Malaysia Airlines was allegedly shot down in Ukraine, Tengrinews reports citing The Guardian.

While the international community in shock blames either Russia or Ukraine and aviation experts criticize Malasiya Airlines for flying in Ukrainian airspace, the tragedy hit lives of ordinary families immensely.

Tambi Jiee, Shell employee from Malaysia was on his way back home from Kazakhstan with his wife Ariza Ghazalee and four children was among those who perished in the crash. The family was returning from Kazakhstan after three years Tambi worked for the oil company. Tambi's wife, an early retired engineer, moved to Kazakhstan to accompany her husband. The eldest son Mohd Afif, 19, was a student at Taylor College in Kuala Lumpur. Mohd Afzal, 17, Marsha Azmeena, 15, and Mohd Afruz, 13 were studying in Kazakhstan.

Excited about returning home, Ariza posted a picture of their suitcases in the Amsterdam airport on her Facebook and Tweeter. Right before the fateful flight, the family called their grandmother Jamillah Noriah Abd Anuar, who was happily waiting for her children in Malaysia. But she never saw them again.

"I was asleep. I received a call from my children, saying they were outside my house. They told me. I cried. What can I do?" 72 y.o. grandmother said.

NCPOC confirmed that Tambi Jiee and his familty was heading back to Malaysia from Atyrau, an oil city in western Kazakhstan. His flight went from Atyrau to Amsterdam, and then to Kuala Kumpur from there. Tambi was returning home because he go a transfer to Shells headquarters after working in Kazakhstan for three years. "His contract with NCPOC finished. He was an employee of Shell attached to the NCPOC project (in Kazakhstan)," NCPOC press-service said. NCPOC is a 50-50 joint venture of Shell Kazakhstan Development BV and Kazakhstan's KazMaunaiGas Kashagan BV that is one of the four agent companies that are part of the consortium under the North Caspian PSA. 

Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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