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©Reuters/Bazuki Muhammad Former student of Almaty mosque denied persecution of imams The former student of the Central Mosque of Almaty accusing imams of sexual harassment has been denied persecution of her religious teachers.
19 сентября 2013
Brazil leader accuses US of spying for 'economic' interests Brazil President Dilma Rousseff Monday accused the United States of spying on oil giant Petrobras for its own "economic and strategic" reasons -- not for national security.
10 сентября 2013
Australian tycoon to sue Murdoch, claims wife 'Chinese spy' Flamboyant Australian billionaire Clive Palmer on Thursday said he plans to sue Rupert Murdoch over unflattering allegations and claimed the media mogul's estranged wife is a Chinese spy.
05 сентября 2013
N. Korea slams S. Korea leader for military drill comment North Korea on Tuesday accused South Korean President Park Geun-Hye of provocative war-mongering a day after Seoul launched an annual military drill with the United States.
20 августа 2013
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. ©REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun Blair to blame for Zimbabwe woes: Mugabe Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday said former British prime minister Tony Blair was to blame for his country's problems on the eve of a crucial general election.
31 июля 2013
Katherine Jackson (L), mother of late pop star Michael Jackson, and her daughter Rebbie Jackson are pictured in a courtroom sketch. ©REUTERS/Bill Robles Jackson's mother slams promoters, as grilled in court Michael Jackson's 83-year-old mother lashed out at the promoters of his doomed last tour Monday, accusing them of letting her son "waste away" before his 2009 death.
23 июля 2013
Obama 'pressuring leaders' over extradition: Snowden Fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden on Monday accused US President Barack Obama of "pressuring the leaders" of countries from which he has sought protection.
02 июля 2013
French minister rounds on 'undemocratic' EU A French minister has blamed the European Union for fuelling the recent resurgence of the far-right Front National (FN) in France by exerting too much pressure on democratically elected governments.
24 июня 2013
US ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman. Photo courtesy of US envoy to Belgium denies soliciting prostitutes The US envoy to Belgium Tuesday denied "baseless accusations" that he trawled for prostitutes in a park, as the State Department hit out at charges top staff tried to hush up sex-and-drugs charges.
13 июня 2013
US man held for China French school sex abuse: police An American teacher at a top French school in Shanghai has been detained on suspicion of child molestation, local police said, confirming reports from school officials and parents.
07 июня 2013
Apple called 'facilitator' of ebook pricing shift Apple was accused of being a "facilitator" and "go-between" of a publishing industry shift that led to higher e-book prices, in testimony on Tuesday in a US antitrust trial against the firm.
06 июня 2013
US defence chief accuses China of cyber spying US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Saturday accused China of waging cyber espionage against the United States, stepping up pressure on Beijing over the issue ahead of a key summit between their leaders.
01 июня 2013
US accuses Iran of surge in 'terrorism' The United States on Thursday accused Iran of sponsoring "terrorism" at a level unseen in decades and said that the separate threat from Al-Qaeda has been significantly degraded.
31 мая 2013
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro. ©REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino Venezuela accuses CNN of seeking to foment coup Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro on Monday accused US-based news network CNN en Espanol of working to promote a coup d'etat as part of a wider media war against his socialist government.
28 мая 2013
Syria seeking to pull us into 'quagmire': Turkish PM Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Damascus of trying to drag his country into the Syrian "quagmire" after twin bomb attacks killed 46 people in a town on the border.
13 мая 2013
German Chancellor Angela Merkel. ©REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz French ministers warn against picking fight with Germany Senior French ministers warned Monday against picking a fight with Germany after the ruling Socialists accused Chancellor Angela Merkel of being "selfish" in her drive for eurozone austerity.
29 апреля 2013
Malawi launches stinging attack on Madonna Malawi has launched a stinging attack on US pop icon Madonna, accusing her of expecting "gratitude" and VIP treatment during a visit last week to her charity work in the southern African country.
12 апреля 2013
Blind activist says China violated US freedom deal The Chinese human rights activist at the center of a diplomatic crisis a year ago on Tuesday accused Beijing of reneging on the agreement that freed him and urged the United States to intervene.
10 апреля 2013
Jurors picked for Jackson family trial with AEG Jury selection begins Tuesday for a long-awaited trial in which Michael Jackson's mother is seeking billions of dollars from tour promoters she blames for her son's 2009 death.
02 апреля 2013
Victoria Nuland. ©REUTERS Russia accuses US of meddling after 'witch hunt' remarks Moscow on Saturday accused Washington of interfering in its domestic affairs after the State Department compared searches of Russian non-governmental organisations to a "witch hunt."
31 марта 2013

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