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©REUTERS Dinosaur 'thief' arrested in Florida A US man accused of smuggling 70 million year old dinosaur skeletons into the United States, including a toothy relative of the bigger Tyrannosaurus rex, was arrested on Wednesday in Florida.
19 октября 2012
US to hand over emails in WikiLeaks soldier case A US judge ordered prosecutors Wednesday to hand over hundreds of emails by officers overseeing the detention of WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning, who has alleged he suffered mistreatment at a Marine Corps brig.
18 октября 2012
US charges Iran with 'economic mismanagement' The US on Monday accused Iran of extreme economic mismanagement as biting sanctions wreak havoc on the Iranian economy, and the European Union agreed a new slew of moves against the regime.
16 октября 2012
Syria, Turkey trade accusations over jet's cargo The war of words between Syria and Turkey escalated on Thursday when Ankara said it had found military supplies on a passenger plane it intercepted en route between Moscow and Damascus.
12 октября 2012
Argentina, Iran meet over Jewish center bombing The foreign ministers of Argentina and Iran met at the United Nations on Thursday to discuss the deadly 1994 attack on a Jewish center in Buenos Aires.
30 сентября 2012
Ahmadinejad slams West's 'nuclear intimidation' Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the West and Israel of nuclear "intimidation" on Wednesday, after US President Barack Obama vowed to halt Tehran's alleged weapons program.
28 сентября 2012
Journalist Anderson Cooper. ©REUTERS/Danny Moloshok CNN hits back in row over using slain US envoy's diary CNN on Monday hit back at accusations by a top US State Department official that it had engaged in "distasteful" reporting by using the contents of a diary belonging to slain US ambassador to Libya.
25 сентября 2012
Cindy Lee Garcia. photo courtesy of Actress in anti-Islam film sues producer An actress in the anti-Islamic trailer that set off violent protests in the Muslim world has sued the reputed producer, saying he duped her into thinking it was about ancient Egyptians.
20 сентября 2012
Obama to launch China WTO action on autos President Barack Obama will launch a new WTO enforcement action against Chinese auto subsidies Monday, countering his Republican foe Mitt Romney's accusations that he is too timid towards Beijing.
17 сентября 2012
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast. ©REUTERS/Caren Firouz Iran slams Canada for breaking off relations Iran hit out at Canada's decision to break off diplomatic ties, with foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast accusing the Canadian government of being "under the influence of the Zionist regime."
09 сентября 2012
Bolivia President Evo Morales. ©REUTERS Bolivia leader: US 'commands' Colombia's military Bolivia President Evo Morales accused the US military of commanding Colombia's armed forces and of having a military base in the South American country.
04 сентября 2012
Obama: Romney has no 'single new idea' US President Barack Obama accused Republican foe Mitt Romney on Sunday of failing to offer "a single new idea" and of being a relic of the last century as he revved up a pre-convention tour.
03 сентября 2012
World not giving Iran nuclear 'red line': Israel PM Israel's prime minister has accused the international community of failing to draw a "clear red line" for Iran over its nuclear programme, after a UN report found Tehran had doubled its capacity at a nuclear site.
03 сентября 2012
Army Private First Class Bradley Manning is escorted in handcuffs. ©REUTERS/Jose Luis Magaua US withheld email evidence in WikiLeaks case: defense Lawyers for the US soldier charged with passing a trove of classified documents to WikiLeaks accused the military Tuesday of withholding hundreds of emails over fears of a publicity nightmare.
30 августа 2012
Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem. ©REUTERS/Amr Dalsh Syria foreign minister accuses US of stoking violence Syria's foreign minister accused the United States of being the "major player" encouraging anti-government rebels, but vowed the regime would not deploy chemical weapons in an interview published Tuesday.
29 августа 2012
Assad slams anti-Syria 'conspiracy' after massacre claims Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Sunday the foreign "conspiracy" against his country would be defeated, as his forces were accused of a bloody rampage in a town near Damascus that left hundreds dead.
27 августа 2012
Nike stands by Armstrong after he loses titles US sporting goods giant Nike was one of several sponsors sticking by Lance Armstrong on Friday after the US Anti-Doping Agency stripped the cycling legend of his record seven Tour de France titles.
26 августа 2012
Down's Syndrome Pakistani girl accused of blasphemy A Christian girl with Down's Syndrome has been arrested on blasphemy charges in Pakistan, accused of burning pages inscribed with verses from the Koran.
20 августа 2012
Nidal Hasan, charged with killing 13 people and wounding 31. ©REUTERS US army judge declines Fort Hood shooter's guilty plea A US soldier accused of killing 13 people at a Texas army base on Wednesday tried to plead guilty, but the judge refused to accept it and the trial was unexpectedly adjourned until next week.
20 августа 2012
©REUTERS/Stringer Asylum-seekers 'force' Singapore ship to Australia A boatload of asylum-seekers picked up by a Singaporean merchant vessel after a distress call were Thursday accused of acting like pirates after forcing the captain to take them to Australia.
16 августа 2012

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