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18-y.o. girl from Kazakhstan killed in bus crash in Turkey 10 августа 2015, 13:46

18-year-old girl from Kazakhstan Aida Sarabayeva was killed in a resent traffic accident on the road from Pamukkale to Antalya.
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Accident sity. Still frame from vesti.ru video Accident sity. Still frame from vesti.ru video

A bus with 64 tourists, mostly from Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Belarus, heading from Pamukkale, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, to Antalya turned over on August 6 at 19.30 p.m. (Astana time) in Denizli’s Serinhisar district after the bus driver crashed into the guardrails. He reportedly lost control of the vehicle on a slippery road.

The bus belonged to Kilit Global company, a partner of large Russian travel companies Tez Tour and Biblio Globus.

As a result of the accident, four people including one girl from Kazakhstan and three Russian citizens were killed and 28 were injured. The girl from Kazakhstan who was killed in the crash was a 18-y.o. resident of Karaganda city Aida Sarabayeva. She died at the spot, Tengrinews reports. Her relatives have confirmed the information.

The press office of Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry said that seven Kazakhstan’s citizens were in that bus including Aida – Sholpan Turganbekova (born in 1989), Togzhan Turganbekova (1993), Aidyn Tleubayeva (1999), Azamat Tleubayev (1991), Gulnara Tleubayeva (1966), Zarina Tsoloyeva (1993) and Aida Sarabayeva (1996).

Right after the accident, six of them were taken to the hospital of nearby Denizli city with various injuries.

Zarina Tsoloyeva is Kazakhstan’s champion in boxing. She is a member of Kazakhstan’s national team and competes in the 64 kg category. According to her coach, she suffered a minor injury.

He also said that the incident and the injury did not affect her sport plans – she will still take part in the international tournament in Poland in September.

The body of Aida has been delivered to Kazakhstan, according to the Kazakh Foreign Ministry speaker Altai Abibullayev.

“(…) The body of Aida Sarabayeva has been identified today. She died at the spot. We express sincere condolences to all her relatives. Aida’s father is our colleague, he is a cameraman at Astana TV channel. Her parents came to Antalya from Almaty. Our consul was providing all possible assistance there,” Abibullayev said at the briefing in the Ministry.

One of the Kazakhstani citizens who were brought to the hospital after the accident was discharged after some tests and medical aid. “All citizens of Kazakhstan were  in Kemer (seaside resort in Antalya). Five of them are still at the hospital. (…) One Kazakhstani had his hand operated on, another also needs a surgery. All the Kazakhstanis had health insurances that cover all their medical care expenses,” he said.

“Ministry of Foreign Affairs appealed to the local law enforcement bodies for help asking them to complete the forensic examination as soon as possible, so that the body of Aida Sarabayeva could be delivered to Kazakhstan tomorrow or at least on Sunday. The parents asked to deliver her body to Karaganda, but since there is no direct flight between Antalya and Karaganda, the body will be first delivered to Astana,” he explained.

According to Altai Abibullayev, 12 Kazakhstanis have died in Turkey since the beginning of this year. “I would like to draw your attention to some general information. If you remember, some time ago our citizen Konstantin Ivanov was killed in a car crash on the same road. This highway is quite dangerous for tourists. Since the beginning of this year, 12 citizens of Kazakhstan died in Antalya, with three of them killed in car accidents. Another nine died of ill health,” Abibullayev said.

By Assel Satubaldina, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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