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31.01.2014 18:06 Politics
As a trial run for the NSA and other foreign intelligence agencies, Canadian intelligence collected data from Canadian travelers who passed through major airports and connected to Wifi.
15.01.2014 11:22 Companies
Google on Monday announced that it is buying smart thermostat start-up Nest in a deal valued at $3.2 billion.
11.01.2014 10:01 Gadgets
While many of the digital glitterati thronging this week's Consumer Electronics Show were wearing Google's new Internet glasses, rival online eyewear products abounded among the trade stands.
06.01.2014 16:11 Auto
The new Chevrolets coming out this year will be faster -- on the information superhighway.
18.12.2013 17:07 Gadgets
Google Glass on Tuesday announced updates to the software in its Internet-linked eyewear to allow users to snap pictures by winking
30.11.2013 10:32 Science, Technologies
A smartphone app designed to give early warning of earthquakes could be ready as early as next year, according to scientists at the World Science Forum in Rio de Janeiro.
13.11.2013 15:39 Gadgets
Google's new Internet-connected eyewear will have music too.
21.08.2012 14:10 Gadgets
Wireless routers for homes and offices could be knitted together to provide a communications system for emergency responders if the mobile phone network fails.
20.07.2012 17:04 Industry, Infrastructure
Karaganda and Aktobe railroad stations will get Wi-Fi by the end of Q3 2012: Kazakhstan Transport Minister.
20.06.2012 19:09 Industry, Infrastructure
High-class Kazakhstan railway stations will be equipped with Wi-Fi hubs, luggage and exchange offices, mother’s room and service centers.
03.01.2012 16:11 Internet
Free Wi-Fi hubs have become available for Almaty citizens at Arbat street.
28.11.2011 17:08 Industry, Infrastructure
Free Wi-Fi hubs will appear in the part of Astana city located on the right bank of the Ishim River.
13.09.2011 18:27 Industry, Infrastructure
Free Wi-Fi zones are operating in Atyrau starting from September 12.
06.09.2011 14:05 Internet
The project provides for creation of wireless Internet access areas for general use in public places in Astana (over 300 spots in the city): Kuanyshbekov.