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23.09.2015 21:51 Politics
According to Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan and Russia have a big advantage when it comes to food security.
05.06.2015 01:14 Politics
According to EBRD President Sir Suma Chakrabarti, food in Kazakhstan is very delicious and the best wheat in the world grows in this Central Asian country.
04.05.2015 18:37 Politics
Kazakhstani delegation presented a pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015 on May 1st.
01.04.2015 00:52 Markets
Kazakhstan plans to repeat the last year’s harvest with the gross collection of grain amounting to 17.2 million tons.
15.09.2014 23:53 Industry, Infrastructure
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev checked on the state of grain crops at Kutuzovka-Alibi fields and the goods produced by the local farmers.
17.08.2014 14:01 Markets
Kazakhstan intends to increase grain exports to Russia amid the sanctions Russia imposed on agricultural products import from the western countries supporting sanctions against Russia.
09.08.2014 12:45 Markets
The Ministry of Agriculture has reported on the quality of crops and yields of different regions of Kazakhstan.
25.04.2014 00:44 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstani scientists have invented a method to increase yield of agricultural crops that can possibly bring them a Nobel price nomination.
23.04.2014 22:53 Markets
For the recent 4 years the revenues have grown almost 2.5 times. The overall 2013 revenues made up $1.2 billion, whereas back in 2009 the figure only stood at $600 million.
26.03.2014 13:05 Markets
Russia imported 571.7 thousand tons of wheat via railway from Kazakhstan from July 1, 2013 to February 28, 2014 that is 35.8% more than last agricultural year.
02.04.2013 17:19 Markets
The plan is to sow crops at the area of 21.4 million hectares, which is almost at the level of 2012: Kazakhstan Minister.
14.11.2012 15:00 Science, Technologies
Two years ago we started a joint project with Australian center of functional economy and research to increase drought-resistance of our wheat: expert.
29.07.2012 17:56 Science, Technologies
First Vice Prime-Minister Serik Akhmetov decided that this technology is vital during his trip to drought-ridden Kostanay oblast.
27.07.2012 15:27 Disasters
The damage will not threaten the food security of the oblast, agriculture department promises.
19.06.2012 14:08 Art, Books
Saken Seifullin Kazakh Agronomic University research fellows made a miniature yurt consisting of 13 cereals.
13.06.2012 18:49 Markets
29 million tons of grain was harvested last year and 10.8 million tons are currently stored in the elevators and grain reception centers.
15.05.2012 15:10 Industry, Infrastructure
The area under this spring's sowing is to make 18.8 million hectares, with the total area under crops at 21.5 million hectares.
26.04.2012 19:20 Markets
Wheat harvest in Ukraine may be 37 percent less than last year in 2012, and a 36 percent drop in Kazakhstan's harvest is expected as well.
10.04.2012 11:16 Markets
Current monthly grain exports stand at 1 million tons with flour exports standing at 300 000 tons.
23.09.2011 15:17 Kazakhstan
In 2010 Iran introduced ban on imports of 20 agricultural produce items, including wheat and rice.
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