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03.05.2016 14:17 Military
Japan will lease military aircraft to the Philippines to counter Beijing's increasing regional influence
28.04.2016 17:36 Environment
More than 100 tonnes of clams have perished in central Vietnam because of a possible toxic leak into the sea near an industrial zone.
02.09.2015 15:26 Politics
Vietnam's president urged further modernisation of the armed forces in the face of growing maritime territorial disputes as the nation celebrated 70 years since it declared independence from France.
28.08.2015 16:56 Politics
Vietnam said it will free more than 18,200 prisoners to mark its independence day celebrations, but political activists will be excluded from the country's second biggest-ever amnesty.
07.08.2015 14:17 Politics
US Secretary of State John Kerry met top communist party leaders in Hanoi and hailed the former foes' transformation from enemies to key allies in the two decades since ties were established.
05.08.2015 19:02 Politics
Vietnam mulls introducing a visa free regime for citizens of Kazakhstan.
08.07.2015 11:47 Politics
US President Barack Obama welcomed the leader of Vietnam's Communist Party to the White House for historic but "candid" talks marking two decades of rapprochement between the former enemies.
02.11.2014 11:17 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstan’s volleyball player Sabina Altynbekova has taken part in a cultural exchange event in Vietnam.
20.08.2014 16:32 Politics
Kazakh Minister of Foreign Affairs Yerlan Idrissov is going to visited ASEAN countries.
18.08.2014 13:33 People
Their marriages were arranged for cash, but some of the Vietnamese women say they are living happily ever after.
10.07.2014 13:42 Science, Technologies
Sales of flat panel televisions across Southeast Asia rose sharply in May as demand soared in the football-crazy region ahead of the World Cup, a report said.
28.06.2014 15:38 Crime
An Australian of Vietnamese origin has been sentenced to death after trying to smuggle four kilograms (8.8 pounds) of heroin out of the country, state media in the communist nation said.
09.06.2014 13:14 Crime
A Vietnamese court on Monday sentenced a disgraced banking tycoon to 30 years in jail over a multi-million dollar scandal that shocked the nation's already fragile financial markets.
27.05.2014 11:43 Emergencies
A Chinese ship rammed and sank a Vietnamese fishing boat amid a tense territorial confrontation in the South China Sea over Beijing's deployment of an oil rig, a Vietnamese official said.
19.05.2014 10:09 Unrest
Thousands of Chinese nationals are awaiting evacuation from riot-hit Vietnam, state-run media said Monday, as Hanoi moved to stifle fresh protests over a territorial dispute between the two countries.
17.05.2014 00:25 Unrest
Several hundred Filipino and Vietnamese protesters united in a march in the Philippine capital on Friday, demanding that China stop oil drilling in disputed South China Sea waters.
15.05.2014 13:50 Unrest
Anti-China riots at a steel plant in Vietnam left one Chinese worker dead and 100 injured, officials said Thursday, as unrest triggered by an escalating territorial dispute spreads across the communist country.
12.05.2014 12:37 Politics
Southeast Asian leaders have expressed "serious concern" over territorial disputes in the South China Sea, according to a statement released Monday, amid a growing row between Vietnam and Beijing over contested waters.
02.04.2014 16:27 Politics
Remains believed to be those of three American servicemen killed in Cambodia more than four decades ago during the Vietnam War were repatriated Wednesday for identification in the United States.
10.03.2014 13:58 Emergencies
Malaysian authorities expect to complete by Monday afternoon a lab analysis that could indicate whether an oil slick at sea came from a missing passenger jet, an official said.
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