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20.07.2014 23:19 Internet
US online giant Amazon unveiled a Netflix-style subscription plan for unlimited access to e-books, a move which could shake up the world of publishing.
20.07.2014 00:18 Cinema, Music
American actor Morgan Freeman said Friday he became teary-eyed when he watched US astronauts set foot on the Moon for the first time, 45 years ago.
19.07.2014 13:09 Politics
New York's mayor was forced to postpone a criticized family holiday in Italy following the death of a man wrestled to the ground by police officers.
19.07.2014 12:30 Politics
Iran and world powers gave themselves four more months to negotiate a historic nuclear deal after failing to close major gaps in marathon talks in Vienna.
19.07.2014 11:12 Politics
A group of Ethiopian bloggers and journalists detained for nearly three months have been charged with terrorism for having links to an outlawed group and for planning attacks, a judge said.
19.07.2014 10:39 Politics
US President Barack Obama spoke by phone with the leaders of Germany, Britain and Australia to discuss how to respond to the downing of a Malaysian jetliner in eastern Ukraine.
19.07.2014 10:18 Companies
The US Justice Department announced that package-delivery giant FedEx has been indicted for allegedly facilitating the distribution of controlled substances and prescription drugs sold by illegal online pharmacies.
19.07.2014 02:38 Internet
Facebook said it was testing a feature that lets users of the leading social network make purchases by simply pressing an on-screen "Buy" button.
18.07.2014 14:14 Internet
Google reported that its quarterly profit rose with a jump in revenue and released word that its chief business officer was leaving the company.
18.07.2014 13:22 Crime
A former Black Panther who hijacked an airplane in 1984 and diverted it to Cuba was sentenced to 20 years in prison in Miami.
17.07.2014 23:37 Politics
Chinese President Xi Jinping presses a charm offensive with Latin American leaders on Thursday, highlighting Beijing's growing interest in a resource-rich region traditionally considered the backyard of the United States.
17.07.2014 13:00 Crime
A US judge sentenced two British men to a combined total of 20.5 years in prison Wednesday for conspiring to provide and for providing equipment and personnel to the Taliban.
17.07.2014 12:32 Politics
Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Thursday that Washington's new biting sanctions against his country will boomerang and hit back at US national interests.
17.07.2014 11:25 Crime
A US actress who tried to blame her husband for sending ricin-laced letters to President Barack Obama, then-New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and a gun control activist got 18 years in prison
17.07.2014 01:03 Politics
Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and activist Jose Antonio Vargas, who revealed in 2011 that he is an undocumented immigrant, was freed by US border agents after being held for several hours.
15.07.2014 10:43 Music
US conductor and composer Lorin Maazel -- whose celebrated international career began when he was a child and later included stints at the New York Philharmonic and the Vienna State Opera -- died Sunday. He was 84.
14.07.2014 21:55 Cinema, Music
British actor David Legeno, who played a werewolf in the "Harry Potter" movies, has been found dead in Death Valley, United States police said.
14.07.2014 14:26 Politics
US Secretary of State John Kerry was to meet again Monday with his Iranian counterpart seeking to narrow serious gaps blocking a historic nuclear deal with a deadline just days away.
12.07.2014 18:04 Politics
Three of the world's richest men -- Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Sheldon Adelson -- put aside their political differences to unite in scathing condemnation of US lawmakers' failure to implement immigration reform.
12.07.2014 15:09 Crime
The body of a 15-year-old who died while trying to migrate illegally into the United States was repatriated to Guatemala Friday, amid a raging US debate over how to stem a flood of similar cases.
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