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27.04.2016 16:19 Companies
US cable operator Comcast is in talks to acquire Shrek and Kung Fu Panda studio DreamWorks Animation for more than $3 billion.
06.04.2016 21:42 Cinema, Music
The grip trashy reality shows hold on television may be about to be broken by a new wave of intelligent documentaries.
25.03.2016 15:13 Cinema, Music
Hollywood's traditional media players are facing an unprecedented challenge to their business model as 'cord-cutters' opt to cancel their expensive cable subscriptions in favor of on-demand streaming services.
10.03.2016 15:19 Military
Tens of thousands of documents containing the names, addresses, phone numbers and family contacts of jihadis who joined the Islamic State group have been given to the UK's Sky News.
23.09.2015 13:49 Entertainment, Style
The Emmy Awards, the most prestigious accolades in US television, were watched by a record low 11.8 million viewers, according to data analysis firm Nielsen.
21.09.2015 16:44 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan's popular singer Luina, who is taking part in Rising Star Turkiye show, has made it to the third round of the competition.
19.09.2015 15:26 Entertainment, Style
The Emmy Awards will celebrate the best of the hundreds of television shows flooding US airwaves, in what many critics have called the small screen's "golden age."
17.09.2015 16:50 Politics
Hillary Clinton ventured into the playful but politically appealing world of after-hours US TV night and could not help but talk about, who else? The Donald.
15.09.2015 13:17 Entertainment, Style
Actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will replace Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump as host of "The Celebrity Apprentice."
11.09.2015 15:23 Science, Technologies
The new Apple TV unveiled this week has the potential to do for television what iPhone did to mobile phones, while claiming a starring role in home entertainment.
03.09.2015 13:51 Entertainment, Style
Reality television star Kim Kardashian is now more than ever the queen of social media, announcing that her Instagram account has a record 45 million followers.
27.08.2015 13:15 Crime
The man suspected of killing two journalists as they carried out a live interview in Virginia died Wednesday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
27.08.2015 12:31 Crime
The White House issued a rapid call for Congress to pass gun control laws, after two journalists were shot to death during a live television broadcast.
19.08.2015 17:57 People
Kazakhstani born Zhanna Stinson celebrates cultural diversity in her TV Program “On the Planet of Culture with Shanna May”.
12.06.2015 10:22 Entertainment, Style
Rupert Murdoch presented a succession plan at media-entertainment conglomerate 21st Century Fox, passing his chief executive job to his son James.
11.06.2015 13:37 Entertainment, Style
D'oh! Will Homer and Marge split after more than 25 years together on "The Simpsons"? Or are their creators just teasing us?
04.06.2015 10:16 Entertainment, Style
Caitlyn Jenner will follow up on her public coming-out as a transgender woman with a docu-series on E! channel next month about her transformation.
02.06.2015 10:54 Entertainment, Style
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her rap star husband Kanye West are expecting their second child.
21.05.2015 12:03 Entertainment, Style
The king of late-night television, David Letterman, brought the curtain down on a 33-year career in an emotional final show packed with jokes and farewells from US presidents.
19.05.2015 16:23 Entertainment, Style
The king of late-night American television, David Letterman, broadcasts his final show, ending a 33-year run of unpredictable, caustic comedy that set him apart.
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