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Samsung launches new premium 'smart' TVs South Korea's Samsung Electronics Tuesday launched a range of giant Internet-enabled televisions as part of a strategy to cement its lead in slowing global markets by focusing on premium models.
19 февраля 2013
Photo by Danial Okassov© Kazakhstan TV-channels will be available in 110 countries Kazakhstan TV channels will be available at the territory of 110 countries and the presence of the printed media on the Internet will reach 95 percent of their total number: expert.
13 февраля 2013
Smoking out tobacco: The rise of the e-cig The camera zooms in on a stubble-bearded hunk dragging on a cigarette and blowing out a thick cloud of smoke with what seems to be great satisfaction.
11 февраля 2013
Russian-born press baron to set up London TV station Russian-born press baron Evgeny Lebedev has won a licence to run a new digital television station for Londoners.
05 февраля 2013
©REUTERS Social media stirs Super Bowl ad buzz This Sunday, nearly 180 million Americans will settle in front of TV sets with beer and chicken wings and, over four hours, watch commercials interrupted by an American football game.
01 февраля 2013
Jackie Chan may be starring in Olympians Kazakhstan TV series Olympians will feature a story of three friends: Ilya, Sasha and Serik, who will become Olympic champions of Kazakhstan.
14 января 2013
TVs get bigger, bolder, smarter at CES show TV makers showing off their new wares at a huge trade fair will seek to dazzle consumers with bigger, bolder displays, and smarter technologies for consumers who want television to be a "multiscreen" experience.
09 января 2013
Photo courtesy of British comedian Davidson arrested by Savile police: reports British television presenter Jim Davidson on Wednesday denied claims made against him after becoming the latest celebrity to be arrested by police investigating historic sexual abuse allegations.
03 января 2013
No-hoper steals S. Korean presidential debate A far-left candidate polling at around one percent in South Korea's presidential candidate stole the campaign's first TV debate with a scathing attack on conservative front-runner Park Geun-Hye.
05 декабря 2012
BBC showed 'basic' journalistic failings in abuse story The BBC showed "basic" journalistic failures in a news report in which it wrongly accused a senior politician of child abuse, an internal investigation has found.
13 ноября 2012
Puppeteer Kevin Clash. ©REUTERS Sesame Street puppeteer denies underage sex claim The puppeteer behind Elmo on "Sesame Street" says he is taking time out from the much-loved US children's TV show to fight a "defamatory" claim he had a sexual relationship with an underage boy.
13 ноября 2012
First film on bin Laden raid pulls 2.7 million viewers About 2.7 million viewers watched Sunday's television premiere of the first movie about the US commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden.
06 ноября 2012
Pop star Glitter arrested in British sex abuse probe Former glam rocker Gary Glitter has been released on bail after being arrested Sunday by police investigating sexual abuse allegations against the late British TV star Jimmy Savile that have plunged the BBC into crisis.
29 октября 2012
Photo courtesy of BBC pulls plug on world's oldest teletext service BBC Ceefax, the world's first teletext service, ceased transmission on Tuesday after delivering 38 years of up-to-the-minute news and sports updates to the British public.
24 октября 2012
Americans set to measure Obama and Romney in key debate Barack Obama and his Republican foe Mitt Romney clash Wednesday in the first of a trio of debates, a test of nerve, temperament and presidential mettle before tens of millions of viewers.
02 октября 2012
Photo courtesy of US carjacking suspect shoots self in head... live on TV A high-speed chase turned ugly for Fox News on Friday when it televised -- live -- a fleeing carjacking suspect shooting himself in the head in the Arizona desert.
29 сентября 2012
Obama: Benghazi attack more than a 'mob' action US President Barack Obama said Monday that the attack on the US consulate in Libya's Benghazi was clearly more than a "mob action," amid lingering dispute about the nature of the assault.
26 сентября 2012
Newcomers aim to knock 'Mad Men' off Emmys throne Cult retro series "Mad Men" and comedy hit "Modern Family" are Emmys favorites again this weekend -- but a bunch of newcomers could yet produce surprises at US television's annual awards show.
21 сентября 2012
Editing studio of 24.KZ Kazakhstan's 24/7 TV-channel started broadcasting on September 1 24.KZ is broadcasting via Otau national satellite television system and cable networks.
02 сентября 2012
Cast members of <i>Stars Earn Stripes</i> NBC show. Photo courtesy of US reality TV show accused of trivializing war An NBC television reality show featuring US celebrities competing in quasi-military drills is coming under fire from Nobel laureates and other critics who say the idea trivializes a deadly serious subject.
16 августа 2012

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