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15.04.2015 19:10 Sport
Kazakhstan’s weightlifter Tatyana Kapustina won gold in +69 kg at the IWF World Youth Championship in Peru.
28.01.2015 19:44 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstan's representative at Miss Universe-2014 Aidai Isayeva has failed to become one of the 15 finalists at the world's top beauty pageant in Florida, USA.
16.01.2015 00:22 Sport
Astana Motorsports driver Aydin Rakhimbayev and navigator Anton Nikolaev have maintained their 10th position in the overall rankings after the ninth stage at Dakar.
08.01.2015 21:21 Sport
Kazakhstani crews has completed the second stage of Dakar, which proved to be dangerous and quite demanding for both racers and vehicles.
06.01.2015 13:39 Sport
Four crews from Kazakhstan are racing the prestigious Dakar Rally in 2015.
09.10.2014 17:13 Politics
Kazakhstanis will be able to visit Argentina on visa free basis starting November 1.
08.10.2014 12:16 Politics
Kazakhstan’s Secretary of State Adilbek Dzhaksybekov has received letters of credence from ambassadors of 11 countries.
28.07.2014 12:17 People
Traveler and mountain guide from Almaty Andrey Gundarev intends to be the first Kazakhstani to conquer 7 highest volcanoes on world's 7 continents.
10.04.2014 16:57 Crime
The National Security Committee of Kazakhstan held a successful special operation against Columbian drug mafia that attempted to extend their business into Kazakhstan.
20.03.2014 16:55 Sport
A secret Brazilian government report lists several security "risks" in having the country host of the World Cup this year, including political protest and strikes.
20.03.2014 15:11 Disasters
More than a month of flooding in northern Brazil has swollen rivers and driven thousands of people from their homes.
06.03.2014 15:25 Laws, Initiatives
Uruguay lashed out at the United Nations, labeling the world body "old school" for its criticism of the country's world-first marijuana law.
06.03.2014 13:18 Entertainment, Style
Rio on Wednesday elected the Unidos da Tijuca samba school as its Carnival champions, a 40-strong jury crowning a program which paid homage to late Brazilian Formula One racer Ayrton Senna.
17.02.2014 14:47 Sport
FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke on Sunday praised work on the controversial World Cup stadium being built deep in the Amazon rainforest in the city of Manaus.
14.02.2014 15:41 Unrest
About 2,000 students took the streets of the Venezuelan capital to protest the leftist government Thursday, a day after three people were shot dead and dozens injured.
01.02.2014 11:19 Laws, Initiatives
Some 300 gay rights activists gathered -- holding hands, kissing and waving rainbow flags -- in front of Venezuela's parliament Friday to present a petition for same-sex marriage.
31.01.2014 16:07 Crime
An Argentine police officer was arrested for selling a two-year-old girl.
29.01.2014 14:22 Emergencies
Bolivia President Evo Morales declared a state of emergency on Tuesday to assist victims of the country's deadly rainy season, which has claimed 41 lives and left 20,000 people homeless according to provisional figures.
28.01.2014 15:50 Politics
Lima cried victory Monday after the UN's top court handed it a wedge of sea under Chilean sovereignty, but Peruvian fishermen nevertheless said they gained nothing from the historic ruling.
27.01.2014 10:27 Politics
Cuban leader Fidel Castro lunched with Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner on Sunday on the sidelines of a summit of regional leaders.
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