Small and middle-sized business

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04.02.2015 11:15 Politics
This year the initiative will be focused on three major areas, notably agribusiness, machinery building and production of construction materials, and is to be further extended to other industries.
16.12.2014 12:44 Politics
During his official visit to Astana, the Premier of the State Council of China Li Keqiang suggested to help Kazakhstan with development of its infrastructure.
04.11.2014 15:06 Finance
The loan is part of the second tranche of the $500 million program to support S&MBs approved by the ADB in 2012.
05.09.2014 16:17 Markets
The share of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Kazakhstan’s GPD has not exceeded the threshold of 20% over the past seven years.
17.05.2014 14:08 People
A Taldykorgan bakery gives away bread for free to those who cannot pay for it.
12.04.2014 14:51 Politics
According to him, there is a moratorium on inspecting small businesses and the officers have no job to do.
11.04.2014 20:55 Politics
President Nursultan Nazarbayev has spoken about the strategic importance of small and medium-sized business in Kazakhstan at the Foreign Investors Council (FIC) meeting.
16.02.2014 12:42 Politics
After the devaluation of tenge by 19% earlier this week, the National Fund of Kazakhstan decided to allocate $5.4 billion to support local business.
16.08.2012 15:30 Finance
With the assets of the National Oil Fund used to finance S&MBs, the APR could stand at 6-7%.
02.07.2012 17:07 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan will adopt a law forbidding audits and inspections of small business by the end of 2012.
22.02.2012 16:23 Finance
In his latest State of the Nation Address [January 27], President Nazarbayev suggested the National Oil Fund money be used in the form of loans to the national economy rather than kept with foreign banks.
22.09.2011 11:45 Kazakhstan
In 2010 the national GDP figure exceeded $148 billion.
01.09.2011 11:38 Kazakhstan reported earlier that in the H1 2011 the number of S&MBs; grew by 8%, exceeding 600 000.
22.07.2011 00:46 Kazakhstan
According to the PM, 2.5 million are employed in the sector, over 1/3 of the economically active population.
13.07.2011 13:32 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan businessmen are suggesting to create a state authority that would regulate activities of small and middle-sized businesses.
17.05.2011 00:33 Kazakhstan
The share of franchisees in developed countries stands at about 50% in the small and middle-sized business sector.