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07.09.2016 15:31 Military
The United States is giving the Philippines two used military aircraft in the face of territorial disputes with China.
03.05.2016 14:17 Military
Japan will lease military aircraft to the Philippines to counter Beijing's increasing regional influence
18.11.2015 16:26 Politics
Philippine President Benigno Aquino promised to be the "perfect host" to all leaders attending a regional summit, but a long and lonely red carpet welcome walk for China's Xi Jinping betrayed their nations' icy ties.
24.07.2015 11:09 Entertainment, Style
In a desperate appeal punctuated with a backflip, stranded Grammy-winning star Chris Brown got down on his knees to beg Philippine authorities to let him go.
14.07.2015 13:30 Internet
Google has quietly removed the Chinese name for a South China Sea shoal bitterly disputed by Beijing and Manila from its maps service, following an outcry from Filipinos.
08.05.2015 20:38 Sport
The WBA (Super), IBO and WBC Interim middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin has gone up to the third place in the Pound-for-Pound (P4P) rating.
04.04.2015 13:41 Disasters
Around 24,000 people from the Philippines were being evacuated with Typhoon Maysak a day away from potentially striking the country's northeast coast.
03.04.2015 13:46 Religion
Devotees in the fervently Catholic Philippines were set to nail themselves to crosses and whip their backs bloody in extreme acts of devotion.
01.04.2015 15:59 Disasters
An emergency was declared in the Micronesian state of Chuuk as Super Typhoon Maysak cut a destructive path across the central Pacific.
30.03.2015 21:34 Sport
The Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) has named the best fighter of 2014.
12.03.2015 13:01 Entertainment, Style
As a child she waded in muddy Philippine rice paddies, now teenager Janicel Lubina struts down runways for the country's top designers.
26.02.2015 16:16 Politics
French President Francois Hollande called for a climate change "alliance" with the Philippines that could spur similar co-operation.
13.02.2015 04:54 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstani film director Nariman Torebayev is presenting his 'free interpretation' of Dostoevsky’s White Nights under the title Prikluchenie (Adventure) at the Vesoul international film festival of Asian Cinema’s (FICA) in France.
17.01.2015 14:39 Emergencies
A plane carrying top aides of Philippine President overshot a runway in stormy weather, shortly after Pope Francis's plane took off from the same airport.
16.01.2015 14:07 Religion
Pope Francis says he has come to the Philippines to help the poor, but the country's biggest businesses and multinationals are also cashing in.
15.01.2015 12:05 Religion
Pope Francis will immerse himself in the Catholic Church's passionate and chaotic Asian heartland as he lands in the Philippines for a five-day trip.
13.01.2015 11:31 Religion
Pope Francis set off for a six-day trip to Sri Lanka and the Philippines, where his open-air masses are expected to draw millions.
30.12.2014 13:56 Disasters
Two days of heavy flooding and landslides killed 11 people as tropical storm Jangmi crossed the central Philippines on Tuesday, with water in some areas "neck deep".
29.12.2014 14:45 Religion
The Philippines's largest broadcaster pulled souvenir T-shirts for an upcoming papal visit from its stores.
20.12.2014 17:43 Disasters
Life is a constant throw of the dice for farmer Nilo Dilao and other residents of the Philippine island of Samar, the ground zero for many of East Asia's deadliest storms.
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