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07.03.2014 11:43 Politics
Ukraine stood in danger of breaking apart Friday after Crimea's parliament unanimously voted to join Russia in a sharp escalation of the worst East-West security crisis since the Cold War.
05.03.2014 10:31 Politics
US President Barack Obama said Russia was not "fooling anybody" over the Ukraine crisis after it denied its forces were operating in Crimea.
02.03.2014 17:16 Politics
President Barack Obama said Friday he was deeply concerned about reports of Russian military activity in Ukraine, while a US military official said Moscow had sent several hundreds troops into Crimea.
26.02.2014 13:55 Military
President Barack Obama told Hamid Karzai on Tuesday that he is now planning for a full US troop withdrawal because of the Afghan leader's repeated refusal to sign a security pact.
22.02.2014 12:21 Politics
President Barack Obama held "constructive" talks Friday with Russian President Vladimir Putin as he pressed for swift implementation of a deal to end Ukraine's deadly crackdown on protesters.
21.02.2014 12:52 Politics
China on Friday urged US President Barack Obama to cancel a planned meeting with exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama.
20.02.2014 13:14 Politics
US President Barack Obama joined the Mexican and Canadian leaders Wednesday for a North American summit focused on trade but marked by friction between the "three amigos."
11.02.2014 11:53 Politics
President Barack Obama will Tuesday highlight a new national security dimension to America's oldest alliance as he deploys the full pageantry of a state visit for France's President Francois Hollande.
05.02.2014 19:20 Politics
Russian punk protest group Pussy Riot on Tuesday took their campaign against Vladimir Putin's civil liberties crackdown to New York, where they are to tread the same stage as Madonna.
31.01.2014 12:19 Cinema, Music
Pop star Katy Perry was on the threshold Thursday of becoming the first person ever to have more than 50 million followers on Twitter.
30.01.2014 17:53 Politics
President Barack Obama appears to have prevailed, for now, in a campaign to stop Congress from imposing new sanctions on Iran he fears could derail nuclear diplomacy.
29.01.2014 12:38 Politics
President Barack Obama declared Tuesday that America must move away from a permanent war footing to give diplomacy a chance to resolve some of the world's toughest problems, such as the nuclear standoff with Iran.
25.01.2014 10:59 Politics
With the news that America's largest liberal fundraising group is to back a Hillary Clinton presidential bid in 2016, a growing sense of inevitability is building around her prospective candidacy.
22.01.2014 12:02 Politics
Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin discussed security at the Sochi Winter Olympics Tuesday, amid rising fears in Washington for the safety of US athletes following terror threats against the Games.
21.01.2014 10:03 Laws, Initiatives
President Barack Obama says smoking pot is no more dangerous than drinking but calls it a "bad idea," amid a push for legalization in several states.
19.01.2014 16:24 Politics
Berlin welcomed on Friday President Barack Obama's pledge to curtail the reach of the secretive US spy agency, stressing that German law must be respected on German soil.
17.01.2014 11:25 Politics
President Barack Obama presents Americans on Friday with long-awaited reforms of spy agency phone and Internet data collection sweeps, prompted by the damaging torrent of leaks unleashed by Edward Snowden.
14.01.2014 11:08 Military
Barack Obama insisted Monday he had faith in the Afghan war mission after former Pentagon chief Robert Gates charged the president lacked passion for military action and soured on his own troop surge.
06.01.2014 10:00 Politics
The Obama administration proposed two new federal gun control rules Friday to ensure more information about the mentally ill reaches background check databases, after a series of high-profile US shootings.
27.12.2013 17:20 Finance
President Barack Obama signed into law Thursday the compromise US budget bill recently negotiated by feuding lawmakers and a massive defense measure that takes a step toward ultimate closure of Guantanamo.
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