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21.04.2016 17:37 Military
US President Barack Obama met Gulf leaders in Saudi Arabia to push for increased efforts against the Islamic State group.
11.03.2016 14:00 Politics
British leader David Cameron got "distracted" and French President Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to promote his country during the 2011 military intervention in Libya, US President Barack Obama said.
03.07.2015 12:27 Politics
US President Barack Obama has one wish for the Republicans trying to succeed him: that the odds are ever in their favor.
26.05.2015 12:48 Politics
US President Barack Obama paid a Memorial Day tribute to America's "fallen heroes" Monday, stressing the heavy burden of perennial wars.
21.05.2015 15:23 Politics
Barack Obama and Tunisia's president will discuss increased military and economic aid designed to ensure the brightest democratic light.
31.01.2015 14:54 Health
President Barack Obama unveiled plans to plow $215 million into "precision medicine" research.
29.07.2014 11:54 Music
Linda Ronstadt, who was the most successful female rocker of the 1970s and pioneered the role of women in that genre, was honored with the highest US arts prize.
08.07.2014 11:34 Politics
France and the United States on Monday urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to pressure pro-Moscow rebels in eastern Ukraine to agree a dialogue on reaching a ceasefire with Kiev.
17.06.2014 13:05 Laws, Initiatives
The US Supreme Court ruled it was illegal to buy a gun on behalf of someone else who did not go through the background check.
13.06.2014 19:53 Strange News
US President Barack Obama is in "excellent" health and has given up cigarettes, but still resorts to nicotine gum every now and again, his doctor said.
08.06.2014 21:05 Strange News
Social media users tore into Barack Obama on Friday after the US president was seen chewing gum during solemn ceremonies to mark the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings.
04.06.2014 11:01 Politics
President Barack Obama meets president-elect Petro Poroshenko on Wednesday, in a show of US support for Ukraine's right to chart its own future, before an encounter with Russia's Vladimir Putin.
26.05.2014 11:43 Politics
US President Barack Obama promised a decision on post-2014 troop numbers in Afghanistan "fairly shortly", after paying a surprise visit to soldiers fighting the last battles of America's longest war.
26.05.2014 10:32 Politics
Chocolate baron Petro Poroshenko claimed a resounding victory on Sunday in Ukraine's presidential election and immediately vowed to end a bloody pro-Russian uprising that thwarted voting across swathes of the separatist east.
23.05.2014 14:06 Politics
President Barack Obama will announce Friday his plan to nominate Julian Castro, the charismatic Hispanic mayor of San Antonio, Texas, as US secretary of housing and urban development.
20.05.2014 12:18 Crime
A Mississippi man who concocted and then sent potentially lethal ricin-laced letters to President Barack Obama and other senior US officials was jailed Monday for 25 years.
15.05.2014 12:52 Art, Books
On the eve of the dedication of a museum commemorating the September 11, 2001 attacks, Charles Wolf made no secret of his apprehension at a site he associates with the death of his wife Katherine.
14.05.2014 13:22 Politics
President Barack Obama met Syrian opposition leader Ahmad Jarba Tuesday in a show of support for moderate, embattled foes of President Bashar al-Assad.
03.05.2014 11:57 Politics
More than 30 people were killed in a "criminal" blaze in Ukraine's southern city of Odessa, as violence spread across the country during the bloodiest day since Kiev's Western-backed government took power.
28.04.2014 13:11 Politics
South Korea lashed out Monday at an "unspeakable" personal attack on its president, a day after Pyongyang called Park Geun-Hye a "prostitute".
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