National Park

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01.09.2014 18:23 Science, Technologies
Expedition of Kazakhstan National Geographic Society lays the foundation of a new National Park in Ulytau.
12.07.2013 18:51 Environment
Thr Ministry of Environment Protection of Kazakhstan is going to submit an application to include the Katon-Karagay National Park into the UNESCO list of world heritage sites.
28.02.2013 16:22 Environment
Kazakhstan researches are going to open 40 geological parks in Kazakhstan, where the Earth’s geological history can be traced visually.
19.11.2012 17:56 Crime
Kazakhstan Interior Minister announced details of the mass murder in Ile-Alatau national park near Almaty.
15.08.2012 13:34 Crime
Police in Kazakhstan said Tuesday they had discovered the charred and stabbed remains of 11 bodies scattered over large stretches of a remote park popular with international climbers and hikers.