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15.11.2016 12:23 Science, Technologies
The Supermoon was captured rising behind the rocket, which is to be launched this Thursday.
29.09.2015 12:04 Science, Technologies
Liquid water has been observed on the planet Mars which makes it far more likely that life could be found there, the US space agency NASA said.
29.04.2015 12:02 Science, Technologies
Russia will try again to make contact with an unmanned cargo ship after communications were lost following the spacecraft's launch toward the International Space Station.
22.04.2015 14:53 Science, Technologies
As the Hubble Space Telescope celebrates 25 years in space this week, NASA and its international partners are building an even more powerful tool.
17.04.2015 10:58 Science, Technologies
A NASA probe that has circled Mercury for the past four years will make a dramatic death plunge into the planet's surface in late April when it runs out of fuel.
25.02.2015 15:04 Science, Technologies
Russia will continue using the International Space Station along with NASA until 2024, its space agency said, after Moscow had threatened to stop financing it in 2020.
20.02.2015 14:59 Science, Technologies
The start of a series of spacewalks to carry out major work at the International Space Station will be delayed by a day to Saturday so NASA can investigate a spacesuits problem.
03.02.2015 15:24 Science, Technologies
NASA hailed a proposal by President Barack Obama to boost spending for the US space agency and announced plans for a mission to explore Jupiter's moon, Europa.
06.12.2014 11:37 Science, Technologies
NASA's Orion vehicle aims to carry humans farther into space than ever before, but its protective heat shield is basically the same as that used for the Apollo Moon missions.
04.12.2014 16:31 Science, Technologies
The Orion spacecraft, designed to carry humans farther in deep space than ever before, is poised to blast off in what NASA hailed as a first step in mankind's journey to Mars.
13.11.2014 11:00 Science, Technologies
NASA hailed the first-ever landing of a spacecraft on a comet as a "breakthrough moment" in the history of space exploration.
12.11.2014 12:27 Companies
Ever-growing Google now has an airport to its name: the Internet giant has signed a 60-year lease to run a NASA airbase that comes with massive hangars for dirigibles.
28.10.2014 15:23 Science, Technologies
Orbital Sciences postponed its planned launch of the Cygnus cargo ship toward the International Space Station.
20.10.2014 12:18 Science, Technologies
A comet the size of a small mountain whizzed past Mars, dazzling space enthusiasts with the once-in-a-million-years encounter.
08.10.2014 13:14 Science, Technologies
An American and a German astronaut spent just over six hours on a spacewalk outside the International Space Station for equipment repairs and maintenance.
02.10.2014 01:18 Environment
The American space agency has a published a photo taken in August, which shows the eastern basin of the Southern Sea completely dried up.
17.09.2014 18:00 Science, Technologies
NASA selected Boeing and SpaceX to build America's next spacecraft to carry astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) by 2017.
17.09.2014 13:49 Science, Technologies
The company -- or companies -- that will build America's next space taxi to carry astronauts to low Earth orbit and back is to be revealed.
16.09.2014 12:08 Science, Technologies
The US space agency's program to detect and protect the Earth from incoming asteroids is poorly managed and far behind schedule.
12.09.2014 11:19 Science, Technologies
NASA's $2.5 billion Curiosity rover has reached the base of the Martian mountain it aims to explore and should start drilling rocks there soon.
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