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24.06.2011 16:59 Kazakhstan
A new feature called “Work Schedule” appeared on Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Karim Massimov's official website.
24.06.2011 14:08 Science, Technologies
Karim Massimov visited Multidisciplinary Scientific-Research Center of Nuclear Physics Institute in Astana.
23.06.2011 14:21 Kazakhstan
Karim Massimov visited Degelen testing platform of Semipalatinsk testing site.
22.06.2011 14:15 Kazakhstan
Massimov met with representatives of universities-partners of Nazarbayev University to speak about future development of the University.
21.06.2011 11:58 Kazakhstan
A country can survive amid globalization only by developing it's national industry.
21.06.2011 00:13 Kazakhstan
PM Massimov and Ms. Singer discussed joint projects for 2010-2015.
20.06.2011 23:50 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Karim Massimov is expected to visit France June 26-27.
20.06.2011 11:54 Kazakhstan
Karim Massimov met with German parliamentary delegation led by the Dr. Dagmar Enkelmann.
17.06.2011 19:13 Kazakhstan
Negotiations between Kazakhstan and Spanish PMs completed by signing several inter-country cooperation documents.
17.06.2011 00:51 Kazakhstan
PM Massimov personally met Mr. Zapatero at the international airport of Astana.
15.06.2011 21:05 Kazakhstan
According to the web site, the app is available in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.
15.06.2011 18:23 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Prime-Minister met with UN Deputy Secretary-General Yuriy Fedotov on June 14.
15.06.2011 13:53 Kazakhstan
Met Dmitry Medvedev. Found out that he tweets himself: Karim Massimov.
14.06.2011 15:15 Kazakhstan
According to the Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry, during the official visit the sides will tally results of the agreements reached at the highest level.
14.06.2011 14:36 Kazakhstan
June 14 PM Massimov personally met President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran at the international airport of Astana.
14.06.2011 13:50 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Karim Massimov met with Chinese President Hu Jintao today.
14.06.2011 00:18 Kazakhstan
Materials will be posted on a weekly basis.
13.06.2011 17:39 Kazakhstan
Karim Massimov congratulated his Turkish counterpart with the victory of his Party of Justice and Development in the parliamentary elections.
08.06.2011 19:03 Religion
Islam is a clear and correct religion. It just needs to be interpreted correctly: Karim Massimov
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