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02.10.2014 16:52 Finance
According to Mr. Marchenko, member states of the Customs Union are excessively dependent on foreign payment systems, with introduction of e-currencies by large Western corporations posing a threat to the national security.
04.12.2013 17:13 Finance
Tengrinews has got hold of another photo of the new 20-thousand tenge bill. It is different from the one demonstrated earlier, but matches the description of the source in minting industry.
19.11.2013 18:45 Finance
The design of a commemorative 20-thousand bill was presented to journalists.
15.11.2013 17:35 Politics
The new bill was supposed to be issued November 15 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the tenge.
26.10.2013 01:11 Finance
The larger the pension savings pool is, the more investment tools are needed to secure a sufficiently high yield: Marchenko.
25.10.2013 15:42 Finance
Shareholders of pension funds involved into the swapping deal are first of all interested in having their missed profit compensated for: Gregory Marchenko.
21.10.2013 13:23 Politics
Since Kazakhstan gained independence, there have been 6 governors. President assured the Central Bank’s policy wouldn’t be changed: Gregory Marchenko.
01.10.2013 16:43 Politics
Nursultan Nazarbayev elaborated that Mr. Marchenko had been relieved of duties for family reasons.
30.09.2013 16:59 Finance
One of the items on the agenda was mutual settlements in the Tenge, Kazakhstan’s currency, and the renminbi.
18.09.2013 00:26 Finance
These countries’ currencies are to play a greater role in Kazakhstan’s foreign trade as compared to the role of the US Dollar, he believes.
17.09.2013 17:26 Crime
t would be best if he is tried in Britain or France, but tried fairly and given the term he deserves, and that the country he is tried in makes sure that he serves the term he is given: Marchenko
06.09.2013 11:33 Finance
I am not sure the pension reform is complete before the end of the year: Central Bank Governor.
02.09.2013 19:01 Finance
The currency basket is introduced for changing the operational direction in the currency exchange policy: Marchenko.
02.08.2013 14:35 Finance
The spring time was quiet, with no such rumors around. Perhaps people have got bored. Unfortunately, in our country such rumors is a way to entertain oneself: Gregory Marchenko.
29.07.2013 17:13 Politics
Chairman of Kazakhstan National bank Gregory Marchenko has unveiled the schedule of the gradual raise of the retirement age for women in Kazakhstan.
29.07.2013 15:23 Finance
Completion of the talks was expected in May-June so that the actual merger could start from July 1. The National Banks expects the talks to be over in August.
29.07.2013 14:03 Companies
The compound of the Single Pension Fund’s Managing Board is subject to Kazakhstan President’s approval. It is to include reps of the Government, Central Bank, financial market players as well as independent experts.
26.07.2013 15:50 Finance
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev has met Gregory Marchenko, the country’s Central Bank Governor.
26.07.2013 08:22 Finance
The issue has nothing to do with devaluation. The new note is being issued to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Tenge, Kazakhstan’s national currency: Gregory Marchenko.
25.07.2013 16:53 Finance
For the recent 4.5 years there have been rumors of devaluation more than 15 times: Central Bank Governor Gregory Marchenko.
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