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16.07.2015 13:58 Politics
Serikbay Trumov has been appointed the new Akim (Mayor) of Aktau in western Kazakhstan.
01.12.2014 16:18 Politics
The British Ambassador to Kazakhstan has visited Aktau to discuss prospects of British companies for expanding their activities in Mangistau region.
05.10.2014 13:31 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has met with entrepreneurs and community representatives in Aktau, where he outlined the priority areas of development.
18.09.2014 01:53 People
What happened to this little boy has shocked Kazakhstan. Motives behind people's actions can be puzzling and at times disturbing.
26.08.2014 12:46 Environment
In Kazakhstan's Mangystau Oblast, mullets wash ashore of the Caspian Sea.
11.08.2014 15:56 Disasters
A severe dust storm has left Aktau city in western Kazakhstan without water and electricity.
07.07.2014 11:36 Science, Technologies
Oil recovery efficiency will be increased from the current 31% to 43% at oilfields in Mangistau Oblast through use of new technologies.
27.05.2014 18:35 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has met the Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Tun Razak.
20.05.2014 20:24 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan is banning heavy trucks from national highways during daytime in summer to save the road-surface.
18.05.2014 21:03 People
The population of Zhanaozen town in western Kazakhstan has exceeded the development plan.
11.05.2014 13:46 Industry, Infrastructure
Iranian investors have expressed interest in Kazakhstan's Kenderli resort.
16.04.2014 16:25 Strange News
A veteran of World War II brought a wallet made entirely of human skin to the astonishment of the Mangistau Museum employees.
04.04.2014 23:30 Companies
More than one hundred employees of Techno Trading LLP refused to continue working in demand of an increase in wages.
04.04.2014 13:12 Entertainment, Style
The most beautiful girl of Mangistau Oblast has been chosen in Aktau. Aliya Bekishova won the title of Miss Mangistau-2014.
20.02.2014 21:28 Crime
A trial of the petrol truck driver involved in the massive flaring of a petrol train has started In Mangistau Oblast.
17.02.2014 16:07 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan's nuclear power plant is not going to be constructed in Aktau city of Mangistau Oblast.
27.12.2013 11:04 Environment
Ecologists have estimated the damage caused by the fire and spill at the railway crossing near Aktau city in western Kazakhstan.
25.11.2013 14:44 Emergencies
The train driver Berik Kulbarakov who suffered burns in the oil tanker explosion near Aktau has been transferred to the Burn Center in Astana.
22.11.2013 17:04 Emergencies
The authorities have made a statement on the magnitude of the explosion near Aktau: the petroleum spill has covered 3480 square meters.
17.11.2013 16:33 Industry, Infrastructure
Uranium mining won't be revived in Mangistau Oblast. Its uranium ore is of low-grade, roughly 20 times below the margin considered feasible for development.
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