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29.03.2016 15:56 Laws, Initiatives
Israel's parliament passed a law capping the annual salaries of bank executives at $658,000, among the world's toughest such restrictions.
28.03.2016 14:14 Laws, Initiatives
Israel's top court on Sunday struck down a landmark deal regulating exploitation of Mediterranean gas reserves, in a major defeat for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
11.03.2016 15:30 Markets
Gun deaths in the United States can be slashed by 90 percent through universal application of laws requiring background checks of buyers.
11.03.2016 13:48 Laws, Initiatives
New Zealand has passed legislation banning 'zero hour' contractsto end the use of deals criticised as exploitative.
28.12.2015 13:38 Laws, Initiatives
China adopted its first counter-terrorism law Sunday: its provisions may tighten media controls and threaten the intellectual property of foreign firms.
17.11.2015 16:27 Finance
Kazakh Senate, the upper house of Kazakhstan’s Parliament, has passed a bill on non-performing loans and assets of second-tier banks.
24.10.2015 20:19 Laws, Initiatives
Article 19, the UK's human rights organization proposed introducing a concept of an anti-LGBT crime to the Kazakhstani Criminal Code.
17.10.2015 16:35 Crime
10 citizens of Macedonia have been fined for violating the terms of stay in Kazakhstan.
06.10.2015 11:24 Laws, Initiatives
Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton offered proposals Monday to tighten the nation's gun laws, even threating to do so by decree.
05.10.2015 15:58 Crime
A South African parole board is due to meet to determine whether Paralympian star Oscar Pistorius should be released early from a prison sentence for killing his girlfriend.
21.09.2015 17:57 Politics
Japanese public support for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has dropped in the days since his ruling coalition rammed through legislation allowing the nation's troops to fight abroad.
10.09.2015 17:50 Laws, Initiatives
Introduction of across-the-board income and property reporting has been postponed till 2020 in Kazakhstan.
08.09.2015 15:43 Strange News
Young employees at Mexx store in Almaty secretly filmed a number of women, while they were changing in the store's dressing room.
04.09.2015 15:45 Politics
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was working to amend a newly passed public broadcasting law, officials said, after an outcry over a provision prohibiting journalists from expressing opinions.
11.08.2015 20:29 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan is considering pros and cons of introducing chemical castration for convicted pedophiles.
04.08.2015 11:28 Laws, Initiatives
Kosovo's parliament amended the constitution to allow the creation of a special EU-backed court to examine war crimes allegedly committed by ethnic Albanian guerrillas during the 1998-1999 war.
11.07.2015 12:05 Politics
Prime Minister David Cameron is seeking a British exemption from European Union employment laws as part of his push to gain more autonomy from Brussels.
04.07.2015 10:45 Laws, Initiatives
Russian lawmakers passed a bill allowing people to force Internet search engines to remove links to data about them.
02.07.2015 10:27 Politics
Kuwait's parliament, reacting to a suicide bombing last week that killed 26 people, adopted a law requiring mandatory DNA testing on all the country's citizens and foreign residents.
26.06.2015 15:10 Laws, Initiatives
South Korea has introduced a new law designed to curb a MERS outbreak, tightening quarantine restrictions and imposing jail sentences on those who defy anti-infection measures.
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