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01.10.2014 12:31 Unrest
The world's top cosmetics group L'Oreal said it was suspending all business travel to Hong Kong due to street demonstrations.
25.11.2012 16:28 Politics
Ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy has told judges he received no money from France's richest woman, Liliane Bettencourt, amid allegations that his 2007 election campaign was illegally financed.
07.11.2012 18:21 Companies
Cosmetics giant L'Oreal on Wednesday opened its biggest factory in the world in Indonesia, as it seeks to profit from strong demand for beauty products in fast-growing Asia.
05.07.2012 11:49 Politics
French police searched Nicolas Sarkozy's offices and home Tuesday as part of their probe into suspected illegal financing of his successful 2007 presidential election campaign.