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25.11.2015 15:27 Companies
Kazakhstani national companies will soon be facing a major restructuring.
20.03.2015 14:46 Companies
Kazakhstan’s Kazakhmys, a major copper producer in Kazakhstan, has suspended its unprofitable enterprises.
21.01.2015 02:21 Emergencies
AN-2 airplane of Kazakhmys company has crashed in southern Kazakhstan; six people killed, one - severely injured.
03.11.2014 15:40 Companies
Kazakhstan's Kazakhmys Group has completed the restructuring process and has changed its name to KAZ Minerals Plc.
20.05.2014 19:37 Markets
Kazakhstan's geological exploration will focus on precious metals, especially gold, rare earth metals and copper.
24.02.2014 18:12 Companies
Kazakhmys Plc has announced a wages raise for its industrial personnel.
10.01.2014 19:26 Politics
The Kazakhstan government has approved the new Board of Directors of the National Welfare Fund Samruk-Kazyna.
08.05.2013 14:52 Companies
Kazakhmys Corporation has axed salaries of its administrative personnel by almost one third.
11.03.2013 20:17 Finance
Kazakhstan's Kazakhmys group will be excluded from FTSE-100 and moved to FTSE-250 index.
01.03.2013 18:53 Companies
Chairman of Kazakhmys Vladimir Kim will leave his post after the general meeting to be held in May 2013.
08.02.2013 14:21 Companies
Kazakhmys has started negotiating a possible sale of a stake in Ekibastuz GRES-1 power station.
24.12.2012 19:09 Finance
Kazakhstan's Kazakhmys has signed an agreement on a pre-export credit line of $1 billion from a range of foreign banks.
12.05.2012 13:45 Companies
Mr. Kim has been heading the Board since the Company floated its shares in London back in 2005.
08.05.2012 14:41 Companies
Kazakhmys Corporation has achieved an agreement with its striking mine workers.
08.05.2012 10:27 Companies
Wages in Kazakhmys Corporation will be raised 20-30 percent in May.
07.05.2012 11:57 Companies
In case production targets are met the miners will be paid a salary of $2700 and up: Chairman of the Board Eduard Ogai.