Kairat Football Club

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22.10.2012 18:57 Sport
Kairat Football Club has purchased a Children’s Football Academy and is bearing all the expenses to train new football players.
16.10.2012 14:53 Sport
Almaty's Kairat mini-football club whitewashed Serbia's Economac 5:0 on October 13.
26.06.2012 15:44 Sport
Stuart Duff, who signed a contract with Almaty Kairat FC this winter, gave an interview to The Scottish Times about his life in Kazakhstan.
12.04.2012 16:21 Sport
Almaty Football Club "Kairat" managers payed $120 000 to the British coach John Gregory on termination of his contract.
22.02.2012 18:17 Sport
Four foreign football legionnaires will play for Almaty Kairat club.