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09.07.2014 13:29 Companies
Four big Kazakhstani companies will offer their shares during the People's IPO.
29.04.2014 01:56 Companies
KEGOC might float its shares at the People’s IPO in Kazakhstan in December 2014.
07.11.2013 16:15 Companies
“It’s the privilege of the Government to decide on timing of the IPO (…) If there’s a decision, we will be able to float the Company’s shares within half a year”: the Company’s Chairman of the Board.
19.06.2013 08:32 Finance
According to President Nazarbayev, the IPO for the general public will enable citizens to purchase shares of the largest Kazakh companies, giving them a new tool for investments and savings.
06.06.2013 17:14 Companies
This step certifies the company’s serious intention to hold leading positions in corporate management in Kazakhstan: chairman.
23.05.2013 15:12 Companies
The deadline for KEGOC to float its stock as part of the People’s IPO in Kazakhstan has been put off.
21.05.2013 15:06 Companies
KEGOC has completed the preparatory work and internal procedures for the IPO.
08.04.2013 10:47 Companies
This year we expect to receive over 8 billion tenge in net profit: KEGOC chairman. He believe his company independent from the market.
04.04.2013 13:11 Companies
Acceptance of applications for common shares of KEGOC under the People's IPO program will start on May 13.
19.03.2013 16:50 Finance
The second stage of the People's IPO in Kazakhstan will start this year with selling of KEGOC shares in Q2.
27.11.2012 14:27 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan's KEGOC has been instructed to decrease its export of power to Russia.
26.11.2012 18:38 Companies
Fitch Ratings has upgraded ratings of Kazakhstan national companies Temir Zholy (railroad operator) and KEGOC (electricity grid operator).
19.09.2012 10:25 Emergencies
Thieves stole anchors from the supports at Kazakhstan-Russia high-voltage line.
31.01.2012 15:18 Companies
The stake to be floated will make up 5-15% of the stock: Bakytzhan Kazhiyev, Head of KEGOC.
31.05.2011 12:18 Kazakhstan
Approved the appointment of Bakytzhan Kazhiyev as Head of KEGOC: Karim Massimov.