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14.09.2016 17:54 Auto
Uber has been testing its self-driving cars in Pittsburgh.
22.07.2015 19:06 People
Having worked at Barclays for half a year, a programmer from Kazakhstan Askhat Murzabayev earned a little over $2 million and donated the money to the International Cancer Research Center.
13.05.2015 02:25 Science, Technologies
Students in Kazakhstan are developing an education system based on virtual reality.
23.04.2015 10:54 Companies
Google said it was launching its own US mobile wireless service, with considerable potential savings for customers using their devices.
18.04.2015 15:21 Internet
Facebook said that its war against fake likes is paying off so well that many 'bad actors' who built businesses on the tactic are closing shop.
09.04.2015 09:58 Industry, Infrastructure
Amazon's personal assistant speaker is taking over more functions for home automation networks.
01.04.2015 14:41 Science, Technologies
Google's mapping service rolled out a gamefied version inspired by the classic Pac-Man, turning the real streets of a city into a labyrinth to gobble up pellets and ghosts.
31.03.2015 14:25 Companies
Tesla Motors shares jumped Monday after co-founder Elon Musk tweeted that the company would unveil as "major" new product line next month.
26.03.2015 15:06 Internet
Facebook is turning its Messenger application into a platform for e-commerce, video and more in a bid to shake up online communication.
16.03.2015 14:40 Science, Technologies
German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged closer high-tech cooperation with China as she opened a major IT business fair where the Asian giant is the official partner country.
14.03.2015 12:53 Companies
Twitter said it had purchased the maker of the video streaming app Periscope, amid what seems to be surging interest in live video sharing.
23.01.2015 12:20 Internet
A bubbly shopping guide, a comedian who wears green lipstick and eats ladles of cinnamon quizzed US Presiden in a series of unorthodox YouTube presidential interviews.
23.12.2014 13:02 Science, Technologies
Google on Monday announced that the first completed prototype of its self-driving car is ready to be road tested.
22.12.2014 10:20 Crime
Madonna and Sony Pictures both were separately torpedoed by major hacks this month, in what the pop icon called "crazy times."
12.12.2014 12:20 Politics
Beleaguered studio Sony Pictures apologized for racially insensitive remarks about President Barack Obama in company emails.
06.12.2014 13:39 Internet
Apple mastermind Steve Jobs was back from the dead Friday giving posthumous testimony in a video at a US antitrust trial.
06.12.2014 13:22 Crime
Sony Pictures staff received a threatening email Friday claiming to be from the hackers who breached the entertainment giant's computer network.
06.12.2014 13:06 Companies
Transtelecom Chairman meets President of HP Nurali Aliyev met with the President of Hewlettt-Packard Corporation Meg Whitman to discuss cooperation ahead of the EXPO-2017 to take place in Astana, Kazakhstan.
14.11.2014 13:31 Companies
Standard & Poor's gave Twitter's recent $1.8 billion debt issue a "speculative" rating of BB-.
07.10.2014 14:41 Education
Kazakh Minister of Eduation and Science and the mayor of Astana said education in Kazakhstan required deep reforms due to increasing penetration of technological innovation into every aspect of the modern life.
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