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16.11.2016 11:33 Politics
Google and Facebook to cut off advertising revenue to fake news sites, after cases of misinformation during the US presidential election.
13.07.2016 17:02 Science, Technologies
Google said Wednesday its efforts to fight online piracy yielded $2 billion to copyright holders whose content is shown on YouTube.
20.04.2016 16:11 Companies
US technology giants Google, Amazon, Apple, Intel and Microsoft have all come under the often costly scrutiny of European Union.
15.03.2016 17:39 Science, Technologies
A Google-developed computer programme won the machine vs human challenge against South Korean Go grandmaster Lee Se-Dol.
10.11.2015 15:55 Companies
TAG Heuer, the Swiss watchmaker that is part of the French luxury goods groupLVMH, showed off its first Internet-connected wristwatch designed withGoogle and Intel.
08.10.2015 14:41 Companies
Google laid out a plan to make tapping into news on mobile devices faster, keeping eyeballs on stories and people visiting websites.
05.09.2015 12:34 Companies
Google is talking with Chinese authorities and smartphone makers about opening an online shop in China stocked with applications for Android-powered mobile devices.
12.08.2015 12:46 Companies
Google's reshaping under newly formed parent Alphabet gives the tech giant more ability to focus on its core business.
14.07.2015 13:30 Internet
Google has quietly removed the Chinese name for a South China Sea shoal bitterly disputed by Beijing and Manila from its maps service, following an outcry from Filipinos.
03.07.2015 10:36 Companies
Facebook on Thursday confirmed that it is dabbling in video ads and sharing revenue with content creators, in a move that would compete with Google-owned YouTube.
26.06.2015 12:54 Science, Technologies
Google said on Thursday that its self-driving prototype cars have taken to streets in the Silicon Valley city of Mountain View where it has its headquarters.
11.06.2015 14:19 Companies
Google unveiled a company devoted to making a thriving business out of solving big-city problems such as overpriced housing and traffic-snarled streets.
29.05.2015 12:50 Science, Technologies
Google's updated Android mobile software seeks to make the smartphone smarter, while keeping the search titan relevant in a world where people rely on apps on the go.
20.05.2015 13:15 Companies
Google and Twitter announced a partnership Tuesday to display tweets in search results, renewing a tieup that ended in 2011.
08.05.2015 13:05 Companies
Google was stinging from a decision by local officials to reject the bulk of a proposed plan for a grand expansion of its Silicon Valley home campus.
28.04.2015 17:28 Companies
US tech giant Google unveiled a 150 million euro ($163 million) project with eight European publishers to support online journalism.
23.04.2015 10:54 Companies
Google said it was launching its own US mobile wireless service, with considerable potential savings for customers using their devices.
22.04.2015 13:47 Science, Technologies
Those keen to search for Scotland's mythical Loch Ness monster can do so after Google launched a cache of underwater and surface images of the lake.
17.04.2015 11:59 Politics
The European Union said Thursday it had filed anti-trust charges against Google to speedily resolve allegations that the tech titan abuses its search engine's market dominance.
15.04.2015 15:52 Companies
EU competition regulators are set to announce whether they will file anti-trust charges against Google over its domination of the European search market.
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