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05.12.2014 14:34 Politics
The White House denounced human rights violations in Gambia, calling on the government to allow UN experts into the country and revoke laws discriminating.
16.04.2014 21:38 Health
The Gambia has banned flights from Ebola-hit west African countries from landing in its territory, airport officials told AFP.
12.10.2013 11:55 Politics
The United States refuted Thursday what it said were "baseless accusations" that it was plotting against the government of the tiny west African nation of Gambia.
04.10.2013 11:11 Politics
The Gambian government announced Wednesday that the former British colony is pulling out of the Commonwealth with immediate effect, saying it would "never be a member of any neo-colonial institution".
17.06.2013 12:21 Markets
Gambian President Yahya Jammeh said Sunday the west African country would ban rice imports from 2016, in a bid to boost demand for local produce and move towards self sufficiency.
10.04.2013 13:11 Crime
The use of the death penalty is broadly diminishing around the world although a handful of countries that had not used capital punishment for several years resumed executions in 2012.
13.01.2013 15:03 Finance
Thousands of Gambians Friday marched in the capital, Banjul to show solidarity with President Yahya Jammeh in his row with the European Union.