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30.09.2015 17:47 Finance
ADB lowered its forecast for Kazakhstan's economic growth expecting a decrease in private consumption in response to higher import prices and diminished private investment.
14.07.2015 05:09 Finance
Kazakhstan ended up in the 10 World’s Worst Performers in Economy compiled by Bloomberg.
19.05.2015 23:06 Finance
The country’s GDP growth figure in 2014 made up 4.3%.
11.02.2015 01:00 Finance
Standard & Poor’s has lowered Kazakhstan long-term ratings over dwindling revenues of the oil-rich country amid the global oil turbulence.
21.01.2015 12:39 Finance
Back in September 2014 the Bank had estimated the country’s 2015 growth rate at 5.1%.
22.09.2014 16:47 Politics
The Speaker of Kazakhstan's Senate said that there are plans to significanly improve life in the country. By 2050, the country has the chance of becoming one of the safest and comfortable countries.
15.09.2014 16:10 Finance
Senior Director at Standard & Poor's Sovereign Ratings division Christian Esters talks about Kazakhstan's rating outlook and downgrade of GDP growth forecast.
07.08.2014 11:56 Finance
According to the Fund’s estimates, the inflation ratio is expected to reach 9%, “although the Government has been trying to keep the inflation ratio within the range of 6-8%”.
24.07.2014 12:51 Strange News
More than 2.2 billion people are "poor or near-poor", with financial crises, natural disasters, soaring food prices and violent conflicts threatening to exacerbate the problem, a United Nations report said.
09.07.2014 17:46 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstani Ministry of Industry and New Technologies proposed an alternative to free holiday packages.
18.06.2014 00:07 Finance
Standard & Poor’s rating agency predicts a decline in Kazakhstan GDP to 4.5% due to reduced volumes of oil production and a slowdown of the Russian economy.
10.06.2014 20:12 Finance
Japan's economic growth in the first three months of 2014 hit its fastest pace in more than two years, data showed Monday, while analysts said a pick-up in consumer confidence indicated sentiment was improving despite the impact of a sales tax hike.
10.03.2014 12:27 Politics
Voters in El Salvador cast ballots Sunday in a presidential runoff expected to crown the current vice president, a former guerrilla commander, as the country's new leader.
18.01.2014 14:04 Politics
US Secretary of State John Kerry praised the Greek government Friday for making "tough choices" to resolve the country's economic crisis and said he believed the situation was improving.
17.01.2014 17:17 Finance
A blanket program to develop the financial sector to 2030 must be drafted by June 1, 2014: President.
16.01.2014 17:31 Companies
The French state has raised 451 million euros ($614 million) by selling a one percent stake in European aircaft and defence corporation Airbus Group, the economy minister said Thursday.
15.01.2014 15:25 Finance
The World Bank on Tuesday raised its growth forecasts for the global economy, but warned of potential volatility in capital flows as the United States withdraws its stimulus.
14.01.2014 18:11 Finance
Negotiators from the US Senate and House of Representatives unveiled a $1 trillion spending bill late Monday, eliminating the threat of another government shutdown, at least until October.
06.01.2014 10:29 Finance
British finance minister George Osborne will warn that 2014 is to be the year of "hard truths" and public spending cuts when he sets out his plans for the year ahead.
30.12.2013 14:03 Finance
France's top court Sunday approved a proposal for companies to pay 75 percent tax on annual salaries exceeding one million euros in line with President Francois Hollande's drive to limit executive pay at a time of economic hardship.
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