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21.01.2015 12:39 Finance
Back in September 2014 the Bank had estimated the country’s 2015 growth rate at 5.1%.
24.01.2014 09:55 Finance
As of the end of 2013 the package of projects in Kazakhstan totaled about $450-500 million.
09.01.2014 13:39 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan Majilis has ratified the agreement between Kazakhstan and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.
13.11.2013 10:08 Finance
At the same time the Bank’s analysts point to weakness of the country’s banking sector, with over 30% of the loan portfolios being NPLs.
22.05.2013 21:41 Politics
EBRD believes that Kazakhstan needs to develop specialized infrastructure, in particular, the one for access to broadband Internet.
14.05.2013 16:06 Finance
May 10 the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development cut down its economy growth estimated for Kazakhstan from 6% to 4.9%.
04.02.2013 15:26 Finance
Almaty administration and the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) signed a loan agreement worth $39.3 million for procurement of 200 new buses running on gas.
15.01.2013 13:25 Industry, Infrastructure
EBRD issued a loan for construction of a new plant for processing of household wastes and energy production in Aktau, western Kazakhstan.
03.09.2012 13:51 Companies
The project is targeted at preventing emergency shutdowns of the power plant, bringing its capacities up by 16% to 116 megawatt and producing another 57 million kilowatt-hours a year.
02.04.2012 16:59 Companies
Established in 1999, KazExportAstyk operates primarily in the North Kazakhstan and Akmolinsk areas to produce and export grain, oil seeds, and flour.
13.03.2012 14:47 Finance
In 2011 the Bank financed a total of 14 projects worth Euro 289 million.
30.11.2011 12:38 Politics
In the meeting Massimov and Decamps discussed cooperation of Kazakhstan and EBRD in implementation of infrastructure projects.
27.08.2011 16:06 Kazakhstan
The Bank and the Transport Ministry officials considered financing reconstruction of Tashkent – Shymkent, Almaty – Khorgos motro roads, as well as construction of the Big Almaty Ring Road.
15.07.2011 12:39 Kazakhstan
Among other topics, the meeting covered cooperation between Kazakhstan and the EBRD in implementation of infrastructural projects.
06.07.2011 00:17 Kazakhstan
As the National Bank Governor explained, the National Bank is to buy back the 10 per cent share from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
24.06.2011 18:46 Kazakhstan
EBRD President wrote about potential of Kazakhstan and Russia to increase food production.
21.05.2011 19:47 Kazakhstan
Today in Astana the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and municipal authorities of Kazakhstan have signed a memorandum to finance modernization of water supply systems on the basis of public-private partnerships.
20.05.2011 18:52 Kazakhstan
Nursultan Nazarbayev made a proposal to the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.
20.05.2011 14:31 Kazakhstan
The Prime Minister stressed that “large investments are injected to raise the overall living standards of Kazakhstan’s people”.
19.05.2011 17:57 Kazakhstan
He said that when speaking at the opening of the Investment Forum in Astana within the EBRD annual meeting.
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