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29.03.2016 14:56 Emergencies
A hijacker seized an Egyptian airliner and diverted it to Cyprus, before releasing all the passengers except four foreigners and the crew.
20.06.2015 15:13 Finance
The International Monetary Fund, deadlocked with Greece over further financial aid, approved a new loan installment for Cyprus.
27.04.2015 12:59 Politics
Mustafa Akinci, who won a run-off for the Turkish Cypriot leadership, is a veteran politician seen as best placed to revive peace talks with the Republic of Cyprus.
12.09.2014 12:12 Finance
Cyprus is unlikely to receive the next tranche of rescue funds from international lenders after apparently falling foul of them over new legislation.
30.07.2014 04:43 Finance
Bank of Cyprus, the island's largest lender, has completed a one billion euro ($1.34 billion) capital increase in a private placement to help it restructure following a haircut on deposits last year.
20.04.2014 11:40 Religion
With a nighttime procession lit by the glimmer of devotional candles and the flash of smartphone cameras, a church in Turkish-held northern Cyprus hosted its first Easter mass in nearly 60 years.
14.02.2014 17:04 Companies
Rakuten, Japan's largest online shopping mall operator, said Friday it would buy Cyprus-based application maker Viber Media for $900 million, as its expands an overseas empire that includes Canadian e-reader company Kobo.
11.02.2014 14:58 Politics
Greek- and Turkish-Cypriot leaders meet Tuesday to relaunch talks on ending the island's division after a nearly two-year break, with optimism that the energy card could provide a breakthrough.
26.12.2013 12:26 Crime
Rakhat Aliyev has applied for Cypriot citizenship.
17.12.2013 14:19 Crime
Rakhat Aliyev intends to obtain the citizenship of Cyprus: German lawyer Lothar de Maiziere.
28.05.2013 11:31 Finance
The European Commission is expected on Wednesday to increase the pressure on several countries, particularly France, to speed up structural reforms seen as the only reliable way to boost growth and job creation.
17.04.2013 12:38 Markets
Gold prices recovered slightly Tuesday after suffering their heaviest slump in 30 years triggered by weak Chinese growth data and reports Cyprus was planning to sell part of its reserves.
12.04.2013 14:22 Finance
Eurozone and EU finance ministers meet in Dublin from Friday to finalise the Cyprus bailout and consider extending debt repayment dates for Portugal and Ireland.
09.04.2013 16:42 Finance
Kazakhstan invested $1.162 billion into Cyprus as of the end of 2012.
04.04.2013 12:56 Unrest
Cyprus bank workers are to go on strike Thursday over fears pensions may be at risk under the country's crippling bailout, after the new finance minister vowed to do "whatever it takes" to right the economy.
03.04.2013 14:26 Politics
Cyprus's new finance minister was due to be sworn in Wednesday following his predecessor's resignation hours after a probe was launched into how the island was pushed to the verge of bankruptcy.
02.04.2013 14:04 Finance
Tens of thousands of people on Monday attended a charity concert in the Cypriot capital Nicosia to raise funds and collect food for people suffering the fallout of a severe financial crisis.
01.04.2013 10:28 Markets
Foreign exchange rates were calm Friday as financial markets in Europe, the United States and elsewhere were closed for Easter weekend.
31.03.2013 16:21 Finance
President Nicos Anastasiades vowed on Friday to keep Cyprus in the euro but had harsh words for international lenders behind the huge bailout that saved the island from bankruptcy.
28.03.2013 14:53 Finance
Cypriots will finally get access to their bank accounts later on Thursday after a nearly two-week lockdown, but under tight restrictions unprecedented in the eurozone.
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