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Rakhat Aliyev applies for Cypriot citizenship 26 декабря 2013, 12:26

Rakhat Aliyev has applied for Cypriot citizenship.
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Rakhat Aliyev. ©youtube.com Rakhat Aliyev. ©youtube.com
Rakhat Aliyev has applied for Cypriot citizenship, Malta Today reports. The information came out in the Cypriot daily Simerini in August, 2013. It is the first report that confirms Aliyev's attempts to gain citizenship of a European Union member-country. The notice about his application appeared in the daily, because Cypriot legislation requires the name of each person applying for Cypriot citizenship to be published in the media. Earlier, Lothar de Maiziere, lawyer of the former bodyguards of Kazakhstan's ex-Prime-Minister Petr Afanasenko and Satzhan Ibrayev, called the Cypriot Government to think twice before granting the citizenship to Rakhat Aliyev. He believes that of Aliyev is granted the citizenship this will be used to drag out the current investigation into his doings. Rakhat Aliyev has been living in Malta since he moved from Austria in 2010, when the Prosecutor’s Office of Vienna started investigating him on double murder charges. Aliyev was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a number of grave crimes, including kidnapping, treason and plotting a coup d'etat in Kazakhstan. However, Austria declined Kazakhstan’s extradition request. Austrian alien's passport of Aliyev was cancelled after the ombudsman's inquiry and the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Austria in April 2013. Still Aliyev can move freely across the EU due to his marriage to Elnara Shorazova who is an Austrian citizen. Austrian and German law enforcement authorities are investigating Rakhat Aliyev. On December 20, 2013 Prosecutor's Office of Kazakhstan release new findings that indicate Rakhat Aliyev as the person who ordered assassin of Kazakhstan's diplomat Altynbek Sarsenbayev in February 2006.

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