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25.10.2013 14:36 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to dissolve EurAsEC because "two overlapping organizations with similar rules are not needed".
26.04.2013 19:07 Politics
Belarus President Aleksander Lukashenko is expected to attend the meeting of the Higher Eurasian Economic Council of CES in Astana.
12.11.2012 10:38 Markets
Growth of Kazakhstan import to our country may be secured by resuming supplies of hydrocarbons and oil products for processing by Belarus companies: deputy PM.
29.05.2012 17:13 Finance
We will need a common currency in the course of development of our relations, but this has to be natural: expert.
06.04.2012 10:20 Politics
Russian Prime-Minister Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with President of Belarus and Nursultan Nazarbayev.
21.02.2012 11:28 Markets
In a separate statement he didn’t rule out a possibility of a single currency within the Common Economic Space within 8-10 years’ time.
04.01.2012 11:47 Politics
Common Economic Space has started functioning on January 1.
26.12.2011 15:27 Politics
The Parliament of Kazakhstan has voted for ratification of the EurAsEc Economic Commission Treaty.
20.12.2011 00:35 Politics
The presidents of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan gathered for a summit on Monday.
03.12.2011 18:42 Politics
Prime-Minister made a speech on December 1 at the forum timed to social-economic development of Kazakhstan.
17.11.2011 20:33 Politics
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev left for Moscow to take part in trilateral negotiations on the Eurasian Economic Union.
15.11.2011 18:39 Politics
November 18 Presidents of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus will discuss Eurasian integration in Moscow.
27.10.2011 14:10 Politics
Kazakhstan considers the Eurasian Union an open project that is unmaginable without broad interaction with the European Union.
26.09.2011 13:26 Markets
17 international agreements of the CES have already been signed and will come into effect on January 1 next year; that will only mean the start of its activities: EurAsEC Secretary General.
26.09.2011 09:30 Kazakhstan
If we analyze trade relations among post-Soviet states, trade turnover of Kazakhstan with Russia and Belarus has grown twofold in 2010-2011: Kelimbetov.
20.08.2011 00:04 Kazakhstan
The sides discussed issues related to the Common Economic Space of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
18.07.2011 14:13 Markets
President of Russia signed several laws regulating cooperation with Kazakhstan within the Common Economic Space.
13.07.2011 13:58 Markets
Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Karim Massimov took part in the press-conference following the Customs Union Forum in Moscow.
24.06.2011 18:28 Kazakhstan
Introduction of single currency is possible if we reach a high level of integration and convergence: Daniyar Akishev.
21.06.2011 17:29 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan has ample experience of integration and association among the CIS countries and can become the core of the common space in CA.
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