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22.05.2014 12:01 Unrest
The United States has deployed 80 military personnel to Chad to help find 200 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, who are blamed for a spree of deadly attacks this week including a massive car-bombing.
21.11.2013 12:55 People
Amnesty International on Thursday condemned the "slavery-like" conditions faced by thousands of Indonesian women who work in Hong Kong as domestic staff, accusing authorities of "inexcusable" inaction.
12.09.2013 16:09 Health
A new vaccine being rolled out in the "meningitis belt" that stretches across north-central Africa has reduced cases of the potentially fatal disease by 94 percent.
04.04.2013 16:15 Politics
African leaders said they would not recognise Central African Republic's new self-proclaimed leader, as the nation's post-coup crisis came under the spotlight at a regional summit in Chad.
06.03.2013 11:07 Unrest
Claiming to have killed two Islamist leaders in the Mali conflict so far, Chad is emerging as a regional superpower whose strong army is brushing up the image of what was once most known as one of the world's poorest nations.
24.01.2013 13:15 Unrest
In pledging 2,000 desert-trained soldiers to fight Islamic extremists in Mali, Chad's President Idriss Deby looks set to carve out a role as a force for regional stability.
20.12.2012 17:55 Unrest
Rebels in the Central African Republic seized a town near the border with Chad on Wednesday, a day after Chadian troops entered the country at Bangui's request to help the army contain the rebel offensive.
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