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08.08.2013 10:01 Companies
Boeing did not mislead readers of a trade magazine when touting the advantages of its 747-8 jumbo jet over rival Airbus' A380 model.
19.07.2013 15:05 Companies
British authorities have recommended that distress beacons onboard all Boeing Dreamliners be disabled, after identifying the devices as the likely cause of a fire on a 787 at London's Heathrow airport.
13.07.2013 19:06 Finance
Boeing stocks plunged nearly 5 percent on Friday after a fire and a "technical issue" on separate 787 Dreamliners in Britain stoked fresh safety concerns about the new high-tech jetliner.
13.07.2013 10:33 Emergencies
The pilots of the Asiana Boeing 777 that crashed in San Francisco appeared to be unaware the plane was flying too slowly until just seconds before the aircraft slammed into the ground.
07.07.2013 18:25 Emergencies
An Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 passenger jet crashed and burst into flames Saturday as it landed short of the runway at San Francisco International Airport, killing two people and injuring 182 others.
17.06.2013 16:45 Companies
Airbus's new A350 plane glided smoothly through its maiden flight on Friday, leaving company executives relieved and brimming with confidence for the battle with Boeing that lies ahead.
13.06.2013 14:07 Science, Technologies
Airbus's new A350 plane is due to take off on its much-anticipated maiden flight Friday, a milestone for an aircraft the firm hopes will help close the gap with rival Boeing in the lucrative long-haul market.
03.06.2013 18:24 Companies
Boeing announced Sunday it has started building its 787-9, a longer version of its 787 Dreamliner, looking to leave the jet's problems behind.
27.04.2013 16:21 Companies
Japan's ANA is to test one of its modified Dreamliner jets on Sunday, three months after the worldwide fleet of 787s was grounded, as Boeing seeks to reassure passengers that the planes are safe.
24.04.2013 17:35 Industry, Infrastructure
US safety officials investigating burned batteries on two Boeing 787s said Tuesday they are not certain what caused the incidents, even as aviation regulators approve Boeing's fix for the problem.
15.04.2013 11:20 Industry, Infrastructure
The US Federal Aviation Agency plans to inspect more than a thousand Boeing 737 airplanes to check for corrosion on certain pins that could compromise safety.
15.03.2013 12:07 Emergencies
The grounded Dreamliner is "absolutely" safe and will be back in the air within weeks, planemaker Boeing said in Japan on Friday, as it sought to reassure airlines and passengers about its aircraft.
09.03.2013 11:20 Companies
Australia's Qantas Saturday said it took all reasonable precautions in selling aircraft after a report revealed that a jumbo jet once owned by the carrier had ended up in Iran despite sanctions.
02.03.2013 18:09 Companies
Air China signed an agreement Friday to buy 31 Boeing passenger and cargo planes from Boeing, subject to government approval.
01.03.2013 14:52 Emergencies
Details emerged Friday of the battery fix proposed by Boeing to get its stricken Dreamliners back in the air, as Japan's All Nippon Airways vowed it would stick with the next generation aircraft.
23.02.2013 11:11 Emergencies
Japanese engineers probing problems with Boeing's Dreamliners have identified the cause of fuel leaks but are still investigating more serious issues with the aircraft's batteries.
22.02.2013 11:48 Companies
United Airlines said Thursday it expected to keep its six Boeing 787s out of service until May 12, as the cutting-edge airplane remained grounded worldwide due to battery problems.
19.02.2013 12:48 Companies
US aerospace giant Boeing is considering an interim plan to protect its 787 Dreamliner if its batteries overheat or catch fire.
12.02.2013 13:21 Companies
The National Transportation Safety Board said Monday it is examining whether the Boeing 787's lithium-ion battery problems were due to formation of microscopic structures called dendrites.
08.02.2013 14:52 Companies
The National Transportation Safety Board on Thursday criticized the government's certification process for the Boeing 787 and said it had pinpointed how a battery fire occurred on one of the planes.
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