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24.07.2014 03:44 Music
A tree planted in a Los Angeles park in memory of the late George Harrison of the Beatles has been killed by beetles, a city councillor has said.
30.05.2014 01:56 Cinema, Music
Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has scored a US chart double only previously achieved by the Beatles, with hits at number one and number two, Billboard magazine said.
20.05.2014 11:49 Music
Former Beatle Paul McCartney has cancelled his Japan tour due to illness, organisers said Tuesday, days after apologising to fans for missing a pair of weekend concerts.
10.05.2014 10:04 Cinema, Music
Paul McCartney is to play Tokyo's Nippon Budokan Hall this month, marking his first return to the venue since appearing there with The Beatles in 1966.
04.03.2014 16:56 Entertainment, Style
Beatlemania gripped the Rio Carnival as more than 130,000 revelers twist and shouted to samba versions of the Fab Four's greatest hits.
27.02.2014 11:05 Cinema, Music
Beatles legend Paul McCartney received a standing ovation at the NME awards ceremony in London, where he accepted the influential British magazine's special prize honouring his 50-year-career.
12.02.2014 14:54 Cinema, Music
Beatlemania returned to Washington on Tuesday when the Fab Four's earliest hits once again echoed through the venue where they played their first concert on US soil 50 years earlier.
28.01.2014 09:59 Cinema, Music
The surviving Beatles on Sunday reunited in spirit with their late bandmates at the Grammys as Yoko Ono danced to the jamming of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.
24.10.2013 16:34 Cinema, Music
Ex-Beatle Ringo Starr joked Wednesday that he would welcome playing with former bandmate Paul McCartney again, but only if the group was called "Ringo's."
06.09.2013 14:47 Cinema, Music
Recording their 12th and last studio album was nothing short of "torture" for The Beatles, said John Lennon in a tape-recorded interview coming up for auction this month.
02.09.2013 13:30 Cinema, Music
The festival of famous Beatles songs in Almaty was been postponed allegedly due to weather conditions.
13.04.2013 13:50 Music
Former Beatle Paul McCartney has been named Britain's wealthiest musician for a 25th year running in an annual "rich list" compiled by The Sunday Times newspaper.
22.12.2012 13:21 Cinema, Music
Former Beatle George Harrison's widow Olivia joined hundreds of fans and family of Ravi Shankar on Thursday at an open-air memorial to the Indian sitar legend near his California home.
23.11.2012 17:54 Music
The Beatles demo tape that record label Decca overlooked -- a decision branded the biggest mistake in music history -- has resurfaced and is up for auction, newspapers reported Friday.
19.06.2012 22:15 Art, Books
The photograph is one of only six shots made in August 1969 by Ian Macmillan for a cover of their 12th album of The Beatles called AbbeyRoad.
11.10.2011 18:09 Cinema, Music
Paul McCartney will give a concert in Kazakhstan with one-hundred percent probability.
31.08.2011 12:12 Entertainment, Style
The second annual The Beatles festival was held at Astana square in Almaty yesterday.
29.08.2011 09:42 Entertainment, Style
Festival of The Beatles songs will be held on Astana square in Almaty on August 30.
15.08.2011 13:22 Cinema, Music
Almaty and Astana are in an online battle for the right to host Paul McCartney's concert.