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25.08.2015 10:29 Politics
US President Barack Obama made a full-throated defense of renewable energy, hitting coal-championing critics as free market hypocrites.
24.08.2015 14:26 People
President Barack Obama returned to Washington late after spending two weeks vacationing on the posh island of Martha's Vineyard with his family.
15.08.2015 11:18 Politics
Fifteen US states have petitioned a federal court to block new rules by President Barack Obama's administration to encourage clean power and cut harmful carbon emissions from power plants.
14.08.2015 10:53 Art, Books
As US President Barack Obama lounged with his family on a Massachusetts beach, the White House released a list of six books that he took on vacation.
06.08.2015 14:53 Politics
President Barack Obama made an aggressive case for his signature nuclear deal with Iran.
21.07.2015 10:54 Politics
"It's a business," said Hosea Owuor, a 30-year old market trader on Kisumu's Achieng Oneko Road. "Obama is a brand."
27.06.2015 10:34 Politics
US President Barack Obama hailed the Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage, saying it shows social changes once thought impossible can become reality.
06.05.2015 23:34 Politics
Kazakhstan’s re-elected president Nursultan Nazarbayev continues receiving letters of congratulations on his re-election.
14.04.2015 11:53 Politics
Barack Obama will not automatically endorse Hillary Clinton's presidential bid, the White House said.
25.03.2015 14:14 Politics
US President Barack Obama insisted that his disagreement with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu represents a substantial policy difference.
14.02.2015 13:54 Politics
US President Barack Obama condemned the "brutal and outrageous" execution-style murders of three Muslim students in North Carolina.
13.02.2015 11:59 Politics
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized US President Barack Obama's silence over the killing of three Muslim students in North Carolina.
12.02.2015 13:09 Politics
President Barack Obama said he would not flinch from sending US special forces to kill Islamic State leaders.
22.01.2015 17:44 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has discussed the situation in Ukraine as well ask sanctions against Russia during a phone call initiated by the American President Barak Obama.
17.01.2015 11:43 Politics
US President Barack Obama urged European governments to try to better assimilate their Muslim minority populations.
17.01.2015 11:06 Politics
US House Speaker has gone all Taylor Swift on America, and the verdict is still out whether haters gonna hate hate hate on his latest anti-Obama messaging -- or shake it off.
15.01.2015 12:16 Politics
The US House defied President Barack Obama by adopting Republican measures blocking his controversial immigration reform efforts.
13.01.2015 13:35 Politics
US President Barack Obama said he will introduce legislation to beef up and standardize personal data protection on the Internet.
06.01.2015 11:54 Politics
President Barack Obama has invited Tunisia's first democratically elected president to visit Washington.
27.12.2014 16:26 Politics
North Korea on Saturday called US President Barack Obama a "monkey" for inciting cinemas to screen a comedy featuring a fictional plot to kill its leader.
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