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01.07.2014 19:07 Finance
Facebook is going to be listed at the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) by the end of this year.
16.05.2014 18:53 Finance
Bank of America has entered the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE).
16.11.2013 12:05 Finance
JPMorgan Chase said Friday it had reached a deal with 21 institutional investors to pay $4.5 billion for losses on mortgage securities it and Bear Stearns sold before the financial crisis.
08.08.2013 10:42 Companies
The US government on Tuesday sued Bank of America for defrauding investors in the sale of $850 million in mortgage-backed securities ahead of the housing bust.
03.08.2013 11:06 Companies
Bank of America may face civil charges over its actions during the financial crisis related to its mortgage products.