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23.10.2015 16:15 Industry, Infrastructure
We expected the power plant to be launched in 2018. However, with modernization of the already operating power plants and a decrease in consumption, the actual demand for the Balkhash power plant capabilities will be seen around 2022: Vice Minister of Energy.
26.12.2014 17:18 Environment
The Committee on Water Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan is considering construction of nonrigid dams on the Ili River to maintain the water level of Balkhash lake.
31.03.2014 18:05 Industry, Infrastructure
Two nuclear power plants will possibly be built in Kazakhstan.
24.03.2014 14:15 Sport
Yacht Racing World Championship will bring more than 60 boats to Balkhash, Kazakhstan.
13.01.2014 13:02 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstani energy experts have decided that construction of Kemin-Almaty high voltage power line is impractical.
10.12.2013 10:15 Companies reported earlier that the design capacity of the power plant is 2 640 megawatt.
09.05.2013 13:26 Sport
Eight crews from Kazakhstan and 11 crews from Russia are taking part in the 8th International Tourist Sailing Regatta Balkhash Cup.
28.03.2013 12:57 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan’s Samruk-Energo [subsidiary of Samruk Kazyna Sovereign Wealth Fund] owns 25% of shares plus one share, with South Korea’s Samsung owning 75% minus one share.
05.02.2013 20:26 Environment
Balkhash lake may lose up to 86 percent of its water reserves by 2045, which will mean a huge environmental disaster for Kazakhstan.
24.01.2013 01:54 Industry, Infrastructure
According to him, this will boost tourism in the area and the distance between Astana and Almaty will be 300-400 km shorter.
13.09.2012 17:22 Companies
Kazakhstan President emphasized that that the coal-fed power plant will be a paragon of environment friendliness.
04.09.2012 00:12 Politics
According to the Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry, the trade turnover between Kazakhstan and South Korea as of the end of 2011 totaled almost $1 billion.
25.04.2012 12:39 Companies
The initial agreement on the sale of shares was signed March 27, 2012 on President Nazarbayev’s working visit to Seoul.
22.02.2012 10:01 Companies
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev is to visit South Korea in March 2012.
01.11.2011 23:58 Companies
According to Vice Minister of Industry and Trade Bakhytzhan Dzhaskaliyev, the construction will take at least 5-6 years.
21.04.2011 12:15 Kazakhstan
The Ussuri tigers are going to be brought to Kazakhstan in a step to restore the Turan tiger population in 2014-2015.