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Turan tiger population to be restored 21 апреля 2011, 12:15

The Ussuri tigers are going to be brought to Kazakhstan in a step to restore the Turan tiger population in 2014-2015.
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The Turan tiger The Turan tiger
The Turan tiger population revival could start in 2014-2015, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia said. It is planned to bring the Ussuri tigers to Southern Balkhash region and the Ili River delta. This can happen only provided that the areas will be made specially protected national reservations (SPNR), their ecosystems are preserved, flora and fauna restored. “A population of 100 tigers is needed to ensure that the population remains stable. Their habitat area should cover at least 500 thousand hectares rich in hoofed mammals for the tigers to prey on,” RIA Novosti cited the Fund's message. According to the scientific research, the above mentioned regions are ideal areas for the animals' resettlement. “There are 400 thousand hectares, maybe more,” the report said. Tiger experts suggested to use the Amur tigers for restoration of the Turan tiger population (which died out more than 50 years ago in Central Asia and was remarkable for its bright-red coat pattern and longer stripes.) According to the experts, these two species are identical genetically. In November 2010 Russian Prime-Minister Vladimir Putin said that his country was ready to provide "tiger families" to Kazakhstan and Iran. Russia is currently home to the largest tiger population: about 350 adult tigers that constitute 10 percent of world's tiger population.

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