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01.09.2016 13:20 Science, Technologies
Life on Earth is even older than we though - fossils dating back a staggering 3.7 billion years have been discovered.
25.08.2016 17:19 Art, Books
Heading Down Under where locals are "dry as a dead dingo's donger" and beachgoers don "budgie smugglers"?
19.08.2016 15:02 Environment
An orangutan living in an Australian zoo has created a jazz riff.
04.07.2016 13:30 Politics
Australia's opposition urged Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to resign, calling him the 'David Cameron of the southern hemisphere'.
03.05.2016 14:10 Entertainment, Style
A rare violet diamond, the largest of its kind ever found at Australia's remote Argyle mine, will be the centrepiece of annual showcase.
03.05.2016 14:10 People
Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright, who has revealed himself as the creator of the virtual Bitcoin currency, is an elusive individual.
19.04.2016 13:33 Environment
Coral bleaching has been detected in Sydney Harbour. The damaging phenomenon is blamed on warming sea-surface temperatures.
30.03.2016 15:55 Strange News
Language guidelines that advise students to describe British explorer James Cook's arrival in Sydney as an "invasion" rather than a "settlement" were defended by an Australian university.
10.03.2016 15:09 Science, Technologies
Researchers found five more columns under the sea to add up to the limestone stacks off the south coast of Australia known as the Twelve Apostles.
10.02.2016 17:58 Environment
Warming temperatures are causing about half of the world's plants and animals to move location, with every major type of species affected.
21.12.2015 12:26 Companies
Australian shopping centre giant Westfield Corp. said Monday it has offloaded five US malls for US$1.1 billion to divest non-core assets.
12.11.2015 15:55 Politics
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made his first visit to Indonesia since taking power, seeking to repair a key relationship strained by repeated crises under his conservative predecessor.
12.11.2015 14:32 Politics
Britain's Prince Charles and his wife Camilla met war widow Daphne Dunne in Sydney, as they were mobbed by royal fans as they continued their six-day tour of Australia.
26.10.2015 16:43 Politics
Australia marked 30 years since the world's largest monolith Uluru was returned to its traditional Aboriginal owners with the government admitting it has not lived up to commitments made back then.
22.10.2015 16:59 Politics
The Australian foreign minister's use of a red-faced emoji to depict Russia's Vladimir Putin sparked debate among lawmakers in Canberra, demanding to know what the icon means for relations between the nations.
14.10.2015 17:32 Politics
Australia's multi-millionaire Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull denied dodging tax by using havens in the Cayman Islands as his personal wealth came under the microscope in parliament.
07.10.2015 16:18 Companies
Volkswagen said that more than 91,000 of its vehicles in Australia are fitted with emissions-cheating technology, more than two weeks after the global scandal broke.
05.10.2015 16:25 Politics
Australia will spend Aus$1.3 billion (US$1 billion) on next-generation armoured land vehicles for its army, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said as he announced the latest update to modernise the nation's military.
23.09.2015 15:05 Politics
Australia's new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull admitted he had concerns about asylum seekers being held in Pacific island camps.
22.09.2015 15:28 Politics
Australia's new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has advised China to ease off on island construction in the South China Sea if it wants a reduced US presence in the region.
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