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16.02.2014 13:03 Science, Technologies
Shepherds have found a ring-mail armor dating back to the 18th century in a desert in southern Kazakhstan.
24.09.2012 14:59 Military
Uralvagonzavod and Kazakhstan Engineering will establish a joint company repairing and modernizing armored vehicles in Kazakhstan.
03.05.2012 15:59 Military
Kazakhstan is significantly modernizing its Armed Forces and Russia is ready to offer its’ most up-to-date armor.
24.11.2011 17:03 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan and Ukraine agreed to create a joint depot for heavy armor overhaul.
28.10.2011 14:27 Military
Kazakhstan is likely to purchase a big lot of 82A armored vehicles from Russia.
19.04.2011 22:42 CIS
Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to establish a joint company to repair and modernize armored vehicles of Kyrgyz army.