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Artefacts of 18 century war discovered in South Kazakhstan 16 февраля 2014, 13:03

Shepherds have found a ring-mail armor dating back to the 18th century in a desert in southern Kazakhstan.
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Photo a courtesy of Tengrinews Photo a courtesy of Tengrinews
Shepherds found a ring-mail armor dating back to the 18th century in a desert in southern Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports. Just 250 km away from villages and modern settlements, a group of soldiers was passing some 3 centuries ago. The beginning of the 18th century marks one of the most tragic and significant events in the Kazakh history the Aktaban Shuburyndy known of the Year of Great Tribulation that were a loosing part of the long-lasting war with the Zhungar Khanate. Professor Alexander Podushkin of the State Pedagogical University of South Kazakhstan talked about the valuable findings. “Many scientists considered that epoch an act of medieval genocide of one nomad nation against the other. People were desperately fleeing to survive,” the Professor said. During those years the Kazakh nation lost their fertile lands and pastures and had to abandon their crafting hubs to flee into barren deserts for their lives. “The left bank of the Syrdariya river with the Kyzylkum desert only 10-30 km away became the getaway for the fleeing tribes. It was a place where people could survive. I believe that this explains why were found this archeological discovery here, ” Professor Podushkin explained. The archeologists have several explanations on why Kazakh batyrs (warriors) took refuge in the desert of South Kazakhstan. They are certain that the armor belonged to a Kazakh warrior, as only the locals could survive in such a deserted place. Local shepherds who found the artifacts said that similar “hips of iron” could be found in plenty in the sand dunes of Kyzylkum desert. Archeologists are now getting ready to set off for an expedition to the Kyzylkum desert to find more remnants of the most tragic period in our history.
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