Almaty International Airport

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30.12.2014 17:39 Companies
Poor weather conditions and delays of arrivals force Astana and Almaty airports to reschedule flights.
07.06.2014 13:14 Markets
The Ministry of Transport and Communications announced the decision to remove illegal taxi drivers from all Kazakhstan airports.
26.03.2014 20:59 Entertainment, Style
Prince Harry who was seen hitting the slopes at Shymbulak skiing resort with his girlfriend Cressida Bonas has spent three days in Almaty visiting local attractions and skiing.
23.03.2014 13:24 People
Air Astana did not let a whole family onboard due to “destructive” behavior of the father.
16.01.2014 16:15 Companies
The Almaty International Airport is charging $1,290 for a ton of jet fuel.
09.08.2013 19:08 Strange News
The customs service of Almaty airport has discovered rifles and swords in parcels from the United States and the Netherlands.
05.04.2013 16:55 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan Vice-PM has instructed Akim of Almaty oblast to move the household wastes dumping site away from Almaty airport within one week.
01.04.2013 18:21 Markets
The airport will be able to service the growing flows of passengers and cargoes and ensure sufficient number of landing-takeoff operations.
14.01.2013 19:52 Sport
Kazakhstan’s Astana crew has safely returned home from Sonangol Africa Eco Race-2013.
01.01.2013 15:34 Companies
President of Almaty airport told about the letter to Kazakhstan government and Samruk-Kazyna with suggestion to transfer responsibility for aircrafts deicing to airports.
14.09.2012 14:38 Companies
Venus Airport Investments B.V. has been the sole shareholder of the airport since April 2011 following the purchase from SAT Infosystems and Meridian Capital for $86.7 million.
26.05.2011 19:57 Companies
Powers of three Board members of the International Airport of Almaty.terminated, new Directors appointed.
21.04.2011 17:23 Strange News
Former judge of Medeu regional court of Almaty Marat Maksudov passed the checking in Almaty airport without his pants on.