Competitive eater from Canada retains hamburger title A one-time anorexic from Toronto turned world-class competitive eater clinched his fourth straight hamburger title in Washington on Tuesday on the eve of New York's iconic hot dog classic.
05 июля 2012
Kazakhstan people have got about four hours of leisure time daily Kazakhstan citizens spend 2 hours and 46 minutes a day working and 4 hours and 18 minutes leisuring.
02 июля 2012
PHOTO: 2,000 Almaty residents took part in marathon in support of children with ICP The first charitable marathon "Courage to be First" in support of the children with ICP was held in Almaty on May 27.
30 мая 2012
Where is Kazakhstan? is a good question... Where is Berlin? is a better one See Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, try to answer it.
25 мая 2012
VIDEO: Kostanay police takes interest in topless promenade video Kostanay policemen are investigating into the video on the Internet with two nude women walking in the center of the city.
22 мая 2012
Push Off signs taken off Astana airport's doors Administration of Astana airport replaced incorrect English signs on the doors of the passengers’ terminal after a critical comments of a British journalist.
18 мая 2012
Kazakhstan policemen will get fired for fat bellies Kazakhstan Interior Minister instructed police officers to get rid of fat bellies.
30 апреля 2012
Aussie firefighters rescue woman trapped by ATM Australian firefighters Thursday performed one of their most unusual rescues -- freeing an elderly woman whose fingers got stuck in a bank ATM.
27 апреля 2012
Kazakhstan 'placed' in North America An Independence Day poster has been hang in Atyrau Oil and Gas Institute.
25 апреля 2012
Calf with number 7 on its forehead born in Akmola Oblast A calf with number 7 on its forehead was born in a village of Kenesary Burabay region in Akmola Oblast.
25 апреля 2012
Foreign tourists discontent with public toilets in Kazakhstan Foreign tourists are unhappy about public toilets in Kazakhstan.
24 апреля 2012
Genghis Khan statue in London sparked criticism London was hit with the row over the equestrian statue of Genghis Khan installed next to the Marble Arch in Hyde Park.
24 апреля 2012
Kazakh village gets it own Big Ben A miniature copy of London’s Big Ben has been constructed in Nagi Ilyasov village in Syrdarya region of Kyzylordinskaya oblast.
23 апреля 2012
Kazakhstan capital may be moved back to Almaty by 2020: Marat Shibutov Chairman of the Association of Near-Border Cooperation shared his vision of Kazakhstan's development till 2020.
20 апреля 2012
Uralsk controllers are made to wear electronic collars Management of RKCU-Uralsk billing company has obliged its transport controllers to wear electronic collars with GPS navigators.
19 апреля 2012
Rape-suspect flung himself out of police station's window in Almaty A man suspected of rape has jumped off the window of Almaty Interior Department’s office and felt to death.
18 апреля 2012
Kazakhstan national emblem ashtrays sold in Pavlodar Pavlodar residents are outraged with the ashtrays with Kazakhstan national emblem being sold in the city.
11 апреля 2012
Kazakhstan woman beat up three road policemen in India Kazakhstan citizen punched three road policemen in Bangalore, south India, when they tried to check the documents of her drunk friend.
27 марта 2012
Head coach of Kazakhstan shooting team told about incident with Kazakhstan anthem Head coach of Kazakhstan national shooting team gave details of the incident in Kuwait, where the 'anthem' from Borat movie was played.
25 марта 2012
Borat's 'anthem' played instead of Kazakhstan anthem in Kuwait Organizers turned on the 'anthem' from Borat movie instead of Kazakhstan anthem during a sport tournament in Kuwait.
24 марта 2012

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