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Where is Kazakhstan? is a good question... Where is Berlin? is a better one 25 мая 2012, 22:19

See Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, try to answer it.
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel. ©REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch German Chancellor Angela Merkel. ©REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch
A video has been uploaded on YouTube showing German Chancellor Angela Merkel try to point Berlin on the world map. Berin is the capital of Germany, but she fails to locate it on in Europe and instead points at Northwest Russia. The Chancellor, however, does not seem embarrassed with the mistake and, after being corrected by a student, makes a joke out of it. The video is likely to be a new hit on YouTube with its views at almost 55 thousand and growing. Comments are ample as well. Here is one that seems to complement the situation neatly: "I'm pretty sure this is how the Second World War started as well: Hitler pointing to Warsaw and saying: "Let's station our main army into Berlin, to better protect this glorious Reich!". Since he was the Führer, no one dared to correct him. Geography classes save lives, people!!" YouTube user named FCLUndyne writes.

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