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Rape-suspect flung himself out of police station's window in Almaty 18 апреля 2012, 18:17

A man suspected of rape has jumped off the window of Almaty Interior Department’s office and felt to death.
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Photo courtesy of rufox.ru Photo courtesy of rufox.ru
A man suspected of rape has flung himself out of the window of Almaty Interior Department’s office and crashed on the pavement to death, head of Almaty Interior Department’s press-service Saltanat Azirbek told Tengrinews.kz. The accident happened in the morning of April 18. According to Azirbek, the man attempted to rape a young woman he had not previously met in Karassu village at night of April 17, but the woman repelled him and called the police. Having given the testimony, both the woman and the man were let go by the police, because there were no grounds to keep the man under arrest, according to Azirbek. “Since there was an attempt for a rape they were told by the investigator to present themselves in the Interior Department at 09:30 a.m. today. They both came. However, during the face-to-face interrogation the suspect went to the open window of the office located at the fourth floor and suddenly flung himself out,” Azirbek said. “Probably, he was expecting to land on top of the abat-jour between the first and the second floors. But he fell straight down to the pavement landing on his head; the man died.” Interior Department has promised to give further details of the accident later. By Roza Yessenkulova

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