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Taldykorgan monuments to be QR coded 25 июля 2013, 18:41

Special QR codes will be placed on monument in the city of Taldykorgan in southern Kazakhstan.
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Photo courtesy of 24.kz Photo courtesy of 24.kz
Special QR codes will be placed on monuments in Taldykorgan city that is the administrative center of Almaty Oblast, 24.kz reports. The city's youth organizations initiated the idea. The codes will provide easy access to information about the monuments and persons from the Internet. One will only need to scan the code using a phone camera to get to the monument's webpage. Authors of the project hope that the new technology will be useful and interesting for both local citizens and tourists. There are about 12 monuments of outstanding people in the city. "The main goal of the idea is to promote the history of Kazakhstan. Young people should know their roots. Stickers are a temporary measure only for this summer. But the administration is now looking for a more permanent solution to make the barcode available all year round and make it waterproof," head of regional administration for youth policies Rustam Alpysbayev said.

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