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PHOTO: Biker bursted into Khan-Shatyr in Astana 29 апреля 2011, 18:58

Extreme bike show was given in front of Khan Shatyr mall in Astana by famous biker Chris Pfeiffer from Germany.
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Pfeiffer shocked the mall customers. Pfeiffer shocked the mall customers.
A biker bursted into the famous Khan Shatyr mall in Astana, Tengrinews.kz reports. A show by Chris Pfeiffer from Germany took place in front of the mall. Stunt riding world champion made a splash in a quiet administrative part of the city. In just a few minutes Pfeiffer attracted a whole crowd of people, witnesses say. The show was breath catching. Pfeiffer and his bike were as one. After some time into the show the spectators even stopped noticing the cold weather. When it seemed that all the Pfeiffer's tricks were out, he showed his most famous trick. Riding the bike, he started kissing all the girls around. Pfeiffer made a statement to journalists saying that he considers himself the best kisser in the world. “In such a way I've kissed around 1,500 girls in different countries,” he said. When the show was over, Chris Pfeiffer gave autographs and bursted into the Khan Shatyr which was included into Forbes Style list of the world's best eco-buildings. Khan Shatyr is located at 37 Turan street. Chris Pfeiffer has been a world stunt riding champion four times. He is currently on a tour in Kazakhstan. The breath-taking show was already given in Karaganda on April 28. Almaty citizens will be able to see the show on May 2 at the Old Square (crossing of Tole-bi and Ablay Kahn streets).
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