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Karaganda schoolgirl invented wind generator 17 марта 2011, 19:03

A schoolgirl from Karaganda invented a wind generator producing energy at low wind speed
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A schoolgirl from Karaganda invented a wind generator capable of producing energy at the wind speeds below 10 meters per second, Channel Seven reports. Assiya Kussainova, the inventor, is a student of Karaganda Oblast Daryn boarding school for gifted children. She is sure that her invention is unique and no similarly efficient analogues exist. According to Assiya, average annual wind speed is 4,2 meters per second while electricity production requires 14 meters per second or higher. She installed a wind engine to solve the wind speed problem. He generator can operate at the wind speeds between 3 and 10 meters per second. Now Assiya is adding finishing touches to her machine and fine-tuning the remaining details. But she promises to consider allowing industrial use of her invention only after completing licensing procedures and obtaining a patent for her invention. In February 2010 Tengrinews.kz reported that a schoolgirl from Ekibastuz presented her wind generator unit to Russian experts. The wind generators similar to hers are already in use, but they have a disadvantage: in case of strong winds the generator starts heating up and can fail. The student suggested her know-how that makes uninterrupted operation of the unit possible.

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